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    What is the quality of this navy arms. If you come across one in very good shape would you pay $425 for it? I can across a 1973 listing of $190 for them. Just rough thoughts on this. I don't have one for sale but came across one on gunbroker.
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    WANTED Hand Gonne

    Looking for a hand gonne.
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    Blunderbuss- Middlesex or Veterans or ????

    I want to get a blunderbuss to play around with. I plan using it for being a pirate, display in house and plan old fun shooting it. I am looking at Veteran and Middlesex. I did look at Loyalist but don't want to deal with drilling and shipping. If I was to step up in price would I really gain...
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    Good place for flints

    I should receive my first flintlock come by Tuesday. It is a Brown Bess. Where is a good place to purchase flints and what is the correct size flint for a Pedersoli Brown Bess. Can't wait to shoot it.
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    Is Pedersoli shipping muskets to the USA?

    I have been window shopping and notice a lot of places that sell Pedersoli musket show out of stock when it comes to their Brown Bess carbine. I can find one for $1550 at Dixie but, wow, is this the new norm?
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    Pedersoli Brown Bess carbine

    I see in some Pedersoli advertisement they say the Brown Bess carbine 30.5" barrel was an Indian trade gun. Was there such a thing? If so what years would this musket represent? Could it be used for as a musket for the Minute men or for American militia during the Battle of New Orleans. Ditch...
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    SOLD thompson center white mountain carbine

    50 cal black powder rifle. Thompson Center White Mountain carbine. $230 shipped and insured. Will be shipped by USPS. Postal money order only. If interested and need more info please let me know. If local to the New Orleans area , face to face $200
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    WANTED Pedersoli Kentucky Flintlock rifle

    Looking for a Pedersoli Kentucky Flintlock rifle with my first choice in 50 cal. Will consider a 45 or 54. Thanks
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    TC Hawkens

    Would you consider the TC Hawkens a good choice for a first time flintlock rifle? if you were to use this in any reenacting what time period would it be or is it just too modern looking?