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    Hog hunting in Alabama

    I recently have taken a job in Alabama and have left the wilds of West Virginia behind for a while. I have been researching the local hog population in Alabama and haven't really turned up much. I am in Shelby county around the town of Alabaster. Anyone have any words of wisdom to offer or need...
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    Traditions 12ga

    Just got one of these off of Gunbroker. Also known as an Ardesa Fowler in some other countries. It appears to be unfired. I guess now I need to put together a bag and all the fixin's for it. This is it beside it's also new little brother a CVA Varmit in 32.
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    My newer rifle

    This rifle was acquired in a trade with the builder, Kevin DeBarr. The builder is a WV native from the Buckhannon area. The stock is a piece of WV maple, the barrel is a 42" MacIntyre barrel 45 caliber made here in WV too, the lock is a large Siler.
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    12ga or 56SB?

    So I have a chance to purchase either a 12ga or a T/C 56SB. Of course the 12ga is extremely versatile, but so is the 56. Of course the T/C could have another barrel of a different caliber purchased later on which kind of pulls me that way. What are some of your thoughts?
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    Prickett's Fort WV 18th c. Firearms Show

    February 20 -22, 2015 18th c. Firearms and Accoutrements Show Come join us for a fun and educational buying experience from some of the best craftsmen in WV, VA, PA, OH and NEW YORK. For the 18th century reenactor or the serious collector there will be something for everyone. Visitor Center...
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    CVA Colonial pistol

    I recently pulled this old pistol my dad built for me from a kit when I was about 10 off the shelf and shot it some. This was the first time it has been shot with PRB's. Usually it was shot with Ball-ets or Great Plains bullets. The load was 30gr of FFFg, a .440" ball, and pillow ticking patch...
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    Graf & Sons Blackpowder

    I recently found this powder at a local shop. I bought 2 jugs for $20 each. Any one have experience with it?
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    guage to caliber or caliber to guage

    What are the breakdown for guage to caliber? I have been looking at different smoothbores and some are listed as .XX caliber or XX guage. Just wondering if anyone had a breakdown chart for the conversion in popular sizes like 28ga-10ga maybe?
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    Goose breast

    So I was lucky enough to bag a canada goose yesterday. I brought it home breasted it out and also took the legs and thighs. The breast I sliced about 1/4" thin length ways, salt and peppered both sides, pounded them to about half the thickness they were, added some fresh garlic, dredged them in...
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    Traditions Tennessee

    Anyone have experience with this rifle? I know it is probably not any where near p/c or h/c, don't care. I think the rifle just plain looks cool with it's shorter barrel and full stock.
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    Why no 38 or 44?

    Just curious why you don't see many calibers of rifles in 38 or 44? Being the state minimum here in WV, a 38 would make a pretty good "one gun".
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    Springfield Hawken .50

    This rifle was given to me by my father in law last year. I have been messing with it ever since. Different powder, powder charge, over powder card/wad, patches, lube, balls and bullets. Group size at 30 yards is 6-8" at best. A patch doesn't snag, drag, or rub when being past through the...
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    Antler ramrod pipes

    Just wondering if anyone has used antler to make ramrod pipes or even bone. I think they would be an interesting and different addition to a rifle.
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    Making sights

    Has anyone made their own sights, and if so how did you do it?
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    Use of a wad on a 50 cal rifle

    Plundering in my basement stock of reloading supplies, I found a bag of 50 caliber .030 wads that I used when I was loading a 50-70 rifle I had. The 50-70 is long gone but the wads are still here. Just wondering what they could be used for other than fire starters.
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    WD-40 Specialist Silicone Lubricant

    Just picked up some WD-40 Specialist Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant. The label says it is multi-surface, quick-drying, and protects against rust. I know quite a few on the site use WD on their firearms, and this stuff seems to be just a bit better in the lubrication department. Just...
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    CVA 50 cal Carbine

    I was in a gun shop yesterday and saw a CVA 50 cal carbine. The gun was very short, probably a 20" barrel. The barrel was half octogon and half round. Interior was great! The usual scuffs from previous trips into the woods. Seemed to be well maintained. The price tag was $169, but I know the...
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    KY Elk hunting

    Thinking of applying for an Elk Permit in Kentucky. Just wondering if any of the residents could answer a few questions. I know I have to buy a license, apply and be selected for a permit, but what is the "Elk Out Of Zone" tag that is $400, and does KY use the "preference point" system?
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    New to me CVA Mountain Rifle .58 Caliber

    I have wanted a .58 caliber for sometime now. A guy who hunted in the camp beside us had one when I was little, and I have wanted one since I first saw one. I managed to find this one. It should be here hopefully this week.
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    Ok I have lots of old t-shirts laying around, mostly Hanes and Fruitys. They are 100% cotton, how good will they be for round ball patches?