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    Hey guys, I have a question for you. Let me preface my question with a little background. I have been a hobbyist/semi professional wood worker for years. I have made lots of different projects from furniture and carpentry to musical instruments. I have done a lot of finishing of wood with...
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    Building a pistol kit

    Hey guys, I'm going to go ahead and start a thread to document my first attempt at a flintlock pistol kit. You guys have been kind and helpful to this newby so far and I appreciate it. Hopefully this kit will turn out like I imagined it would. Stay tuned and please offer some advice if you see...
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    Breech Plug Removal

    Hey guys, New guy asking dumb questions here. I have been sorting through the parts in my kit and figuring out what to do. I have started cleaning up some of the casting and machine marks on the metal. I shaped my breech plug tang and started inletting the barrel. I have a question: how hard...
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    Pistols vs Rifles?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the whole black powder gun scene. Actually, I'm new to the gun scene in general. I have an old rifle and an old shotgun that I inherited from my dad but I don't shoot much. I am into history and I like the idea of having a nice looking Flintlock pistol to shoot and display...
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    New Guy In NC

    Hey guys, I'm joining this forum because I just bought a kit from and I have never built a gun before. I want to read and research and maybe ask a few dumb questions. This should be fun. Thanks :)