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    When to clean your flintlock?

    Go to deer camp Friday night, plan to hunt Saturday and Sunday morning. Shoot at a deer Saturday morning, reload and track. Find the deer, field dress and take it back to camp. After lunch go back out and hunt until dark, no more shots taken. Question is do I need to discharge and clean the gun...
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    lead ball hardness

    I want to start casting lead balls for my fowler. I've got 30 pounds of lead ingots, I was told it is approximately 95% lead and 5% antimony. It is from a shooting range, no wheel weights. I can scratch the ingots with my fingernail but I don't know the hardness. Will the balls be too hard? If...
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    Flintlock kit

    Looking to build my 1st 50cal flintlock. What "kits" are recommended? I'm looking for a kit that has 85 to 95% of the inletting done.