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  1. William Sublette

    TRADE Obsidian for pipestone

    I have 4 tennis/baseball sized pieces of obsidian left. I picked these up in the black rock desert of Northern NV. I would like to trade them for a like quantity of pipestone. Thanks
  2. William Sublette

    Is there printed route of the Oregon trail?

    I know you can follow the platte to ft Laramie, then up to Casper and west to the Sweetwater. But is there a modern translation so a guy could follow? And check out all the historical markers?
  3. William Sublette

    Tipi Trailer ?

    Anyone have any photos of well thought out trailers for tipi poles and cover, and accessories? Anybody know where a good used one is for sale?
  4. William Sublette

    WITHDRAWN .54 Lyman GPR flinter

    A sweet ol' Great Plains Rifle from back when they made them right. Not a safe queen, she's seen a lot of adventures. Back when my eyes cooperated she would regularly stack them + or - 2" @ 100yds off the bench. (.535 ball - .015 patch - 75gr 3f) Rubs, and dings: That pimple in the...
  5. William Sublette

    FOR SALE Great Gun Makers for the Early West

    A hard to find treasure. I bought them to research a gun I wanted made, and now they just sit around. I'll Probably regret it. $350 plus actual shipping
  6. William Sublette

    Is there such a thing a Grice percussion lock?

    Would it be 40 years old or 200?
  7. William Sublette

    Round Ball with a belly?

    Have you ever seen a round ball with a belly, or a keel? In a hurry I bought these on ebay last summer. Just now got around to using them, and noticed the weird shape. The sprue is exactly opposite the keel. I thought it might be a wonky mold, but they're all too perfect. Seems like they might...
  8. William Sublette

    are these two anything interesting?

    Reed ? WM Taunton repro?
  9. William Sublette

    How do you tell if they're real?

    Third one from the top claims its an "S Hawken" And........if they're real, what resources are out there to learn about the actual values?
  10. William Sublette

    Heavier than Lead

    Hi, new guy here. Been into black powder rifles for about 25yrs Just for hunting, and my friend has drug me to a few rendezvous. Has anyone tried casting round balls with the new heavier than lead metals found in the waterfowl, and coyote shotshells like heavi shot? I tried searching the...