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    Baby and cake

    ok so I fell in love with this double barrel (have posted on it before, but its home now and I was able to work in a deal for a 1863 Springfield lock/stock(ish) . any and all info on them would be great including price (double is non-working and will stay that way). for size reference my .54...
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    Cabela's rifle questions

    So I have this cabelas .54 rifle (left handed) and we are headed out to the local gunsmith tomorrow, I am still wondering if he can bore it out to say a 20 gauge (.615) or 28 (.550) or someplace in between to use for turkeys and small game. I also am interested in a barrel swap but to new to...
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    offer on double barrel

    So a couple of weeks ago I went alone for a ride to my buddies gun smith and was allowed to poke around his project pile. Found a double barrel shotgun(?) I thought it was a double 50 but he said shotgun so has to be pretty small.. non-working as it has paper thin barrel walls and one sides...
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    Fun times at a gunsmith

    got to go poke around a gunsmiths parts bin/project area today and found some fun things (and I kick myself for forgetting my phone at home).. investarm Zouave rifle (barrel and stock) missing the rest so not sure if it was a flint or a percussion, anyone know if/where parts could be found, I...
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    Flintlock to cap lock

    At the risk of starting a hate thread..a friend of friend said that the son of a friend of his (still following?) has a flinter double shotgun for sale (he thinks its a flint) so they are going to look into how much, if its a flinter hard would it be to change over to a caps lock? I...
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    traditionalist - Are we Loosing the Battle

    Colorado is close...(I left a few off as it had to do with bullet weights and not a part of this thread) 3. MUZZLELOADING RIFLES & SMOOTHBORE MUSKETS a. Only legal muzzleloaders allowed in muzzleloading seasons. b. In-line muzzleloaders are legal. c. Must be a single barrel that fires a single...
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    Extinction is the termination of a kind of organism or of a group of kinds (taxon), usually a species. The moment of extinction is generally considered to be the death of the last individual of the species, although the capacity to breed and recover may have been lost before this point...
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    First traditional muzzleloader deer

    Any chance of taking a trip to the USA I'm sure more than a few of us would be happy to help out on this side of the pond
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    First traditional muzzleloader deer

    how do you like the sling? does it interfere with the rod coming out or going back in?
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    When hog hunting dont go as planned with video

    one of two things i would love to hunt someday, bears and boars...neither of which I have near me and I can't see paying someone $500 plus on top of travel cost when they are supposedly that bad for everyone. You want to thin them down then come down on what you charge (not saying some sort of...
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    multi-barrels same gun?

    I am looking at this one and they have it in .50 as well, would it be as simple as getting them to sell a Xtra barrel ?
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    multi-barrels same gun?

    Just a thought I had awhile back, but reading another thread it looks like it could be done after all...I have a cabelas Investarm .54 lefty and would like both a smaller (.45) and perhaps a smothbore (.69?). Can it be done? seems that it shouldn't be to hard to just swap out the barrel with...
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    Left handed vrs right

    right handed but left eyes the boss..took a baseball to my right when I was a kid...I shoot either way as its just a matter of closing one eye..that said shooting a righty on the left side the lock is directly in front of your face when it goes off...that sounds like a flinch waiting to happen
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    Please don't shoot me

    LOL that might be the only pistol I could hit anything with
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    Please don't shoot me

    well I do have one of each, my .54 is a lefty perc and the other one is a inline that I was going to use during reg rifle season as here we can get a tag for doe whitetails that lets you hunt any/all seasons.
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    Please don't shoot me

    hence the don't shoot me LOL Co about the same as OR, during muzzle loader season its loose powder, no sabots, open sights as well, but once reg rifle season comes around you can have a scope (still can't use sabots and have to use loose powder)
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    Please don't shoot me

    but I am going to ask anyway..scopes on blackpowder rifles... I was thinking of putting one on my tc omega to use during rifle season (bp season you can't use a scope) mostly for those early morning/late evening hunts here my old eyes don't work as well. I just have no idea what to look for as...
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    here on the plains we are still mostly all conservative to the point of making those in washington look like pansies..lord help those that try to have demonstrations around here LOL
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    yeah sadly, on the plus side I get to talk to a lot of folks from NE at my summer job at a lake that sees roughly 1/3rd its daily action from there.
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    SOLD Relisted, .45 Hatfield with flint & Perc locks

    that is one nice looking rifle, wish I had the money