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    .50 caliber Smoothbores?

    Over the past few years I have seen at least a dozen of these .50 caliber smoothbore percussion guns show up on various sites for sale. In addition, Mike Brooks has built at least two .50 caliber smooth rifles for his recent customers, and another Lehigh style that was a work of art that he made...
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    Lowell Haarer rifle?

    Anyone here have/used to have one of Mr. Haarer's flintlock longrifles? If so, what are the details of the rifle that you own/owned? What is your opinion on his work? By any chance did you elect to order the gun with one of his tang-mounted, ghost ring rear sights? If so, what's your opinion on...
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    Colt Walker question?

    Will Goons Gun Works (or anyone else) install a late model loading lever latch onto a Uberti Colt Walker? I would be willing to pay decent money to have such a service performed, say $100-$200. I am guessing that because of the rounded surfaces of the barrel and loading lever, that it is not...
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    Questions about Kibler .58 Colonial?

    For those members that have purchased a Kibler Colonial kit in .58 caliber, I have two questions. 1. If you have an accurate scale, what does your rifle weigh in at, and with what type of wood? Please do not give me approximations, or bathroom scale measurements. Nor, how much your .54, or .50...
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    SOLD Speer 0.535" Round Balls for Sale

    I have two boxes of 100, Speer, 0.535" diameter round balls for sale. The cost will be $20.00, plus USPS small Flat Rate box shipping ($8.45, I believe) to your address. Total, $28.45.
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    WITHDRAWN .530/.535 Round Balls for .50 cal. PA Conicals

    I have two boxes/100 each (200 total) of Hornady swaged .530" diameter, and .535" diameter round balls (400 total). I would like to trade them straight up for four boxes/50 of Hornady, .50 caliber, 240 grain, PA (Pennsylvania) conicals (200 total). If someone has these for trade I will put all...
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    At What Range Have Most of Your Big Game Animals Been Shot At?

    Since the advent of, and rise in popularity of, the inline muzzleloading rifle, if one listened to the gun writers, and their constant drivel; you would be hard-pressed to believe that anything but a modern inline m-l rifle shooting a light-for-caliber bullet out of a plastic sabot was capable...
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    Reasons Your Gun Didn't Sell

    I have been visiting various m-l forums for more than a decade now. Like most of us, I probably spend time on these forums as much to "Window Shop", as for any other reason that I visit. When I view someone's FOR SALE add, the first thing I notice, after any incorrect written information...
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    Who Hunts w/an Escopeta?

    I am curious as to how many forum members own a functional, safe-to-hunt-with escopeta? One with a patilla flintlock? And, of those members that own one, what bore size is it? Do you hunt with it at all? If so, what type of game do you hunt with your escopeta? Do you shoot patched balls, wadded...
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    Reliability of Snaphaunce?

    New poster, lurked for some time. I have only owned, and shot, flintlock long rifles in the past. Mainly, with Siler locks. Had total reliability with the locks on the different rifles that I owned. I am thinking of purchasing a snaphaunce, and was wondering how the locks faired as daily...