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    Start of a swivel breech

    Decided to build my long sought after swivel breech rifle. Not much to show but it's a beginning. Pivot plate that barrels will be attached to with countersunk high grade screws through the breech plug. Face plate and tang. Assembly with trigger plate, not welded on yet. Tang and trigger...
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    Dang pawn shop did it again.

    Walked in a pawn shop that usually doesn't have bp. Dang if there wasn't a 6 digit s/n TC Renegade 54, double trigger with a Green Mountain barrel. Bore was iffy but they agreed to let me scrub it and low and behold it was nice. $277 plus govt out the door.
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    Hit a jackpot

    Lyman: 54cal, made 2017 54cal, made 2020 54cal, made 2020 All factory built. All never fired. I'd tell you what I paid but your head would explode.
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    Single screw mount rear sight

    Ok. Need information as to which rifles use a single screws to mount the rear sight. Was looking a one that's a half stock in 54. Has a tang mount peep on it but the original rear sight has a single hold with a flush screw in the hole. No dove tail either. Sorry I didn't notice the make. All I...
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    Fundezvous, Aurora TX

    Fundezvous. Non period correct meet n greet. Kid friendly. Contests. Camping. April 16-18. Put on by the Aurora Blackpowder Club.
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    File to knife

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    Picked one up

    Found this 1977 Euroarms Remington 1858 for 125. Fair for age. Bore looked sad till I scrubbed it. Don't know what previous owner was shooting but the latch end of the ram was bent just enough the latch wouldn't hold plus the ram lever screw was bent to the point the cylinder pin would come out...
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    First sighting

    Went to check out new hunting place. Came across this. Either never have seen one or didn't recognize before. A Porcupine.
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    Tried my hand at hat making.
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    One pound horn

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    Another Pawn Shop Find

    Not bad for $25 First I've seen of these.
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    Killed some time on the leather

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    1862 3 band Springfield

    To those near to or willing to make the drive to near Fort Worth. On or about 10/25/19 there will be an 1862 58 Springfield smoothie with bayonet going for sale in Boyd, TX. I have had it in my hands. IMO for its age it is in very good shape. The only hitch is they will not post pix or ship...
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    Pawn shop find

    Picked up a Traditions Kentucky 50cal unfired but unfinished $150.
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    Pawn shop find

    Found an unfired 2010 mfr date Pietta 1851 army shorty 150.
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    Hot nipple

    Anybody out there that has 8mm x 125 threads needs a very good hot ignition nipple PM me and I'll give you the contact info.
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    Refurbishing bore

    A Kentucky. 45 I bought some 35 years ago used cleaned and oiled and put in safe. Took it out finally to shoot. No consistency. Noticed when cleaning the bore felt rough. Lot of patch fuzz left. Gave it the ole lapping treatment. Still felt rough but didn't leave near the patch fuzz. Someone...
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    Minie ball fit.

    Ok. I have one of those inbetween bores. A .575 will go flush with reasonably easy thumb pressure, starts easy and weight of ram rod will just about send it down. A .578 is a bit squirrelly to get skirt started and will thumb push to 2/3s. Starter works to finish easy enough and rams easy. I...
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    Measuring bore can get wacky

    Got a new to me unfired Zouave 58cal. Measured and figured numerous times and always came up with .575 and .010 patch. Got the mold today and it throws .573-.574, good deal. Untill I checked the fit. Ball scrapes the riflings by about .002 all way round. Talk about luck. New mold otw. Going to...