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    WANTED WANTED The Pedersoli™ Coach Gun

    To clear this - the two new members with no history did contact me via PM and I contacted the 'buyer' via Gmail and then they told for me to send money.
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    WANTED WANTED The Pedersoli™ Coach Gun

    I posted a add wanting a black powder shotgun. A few days later, a new person joined with no any other posts from the forum telling he that he knows one for sale and to contact (name omitted). I contacted the ‘seller’ and all I need was to send money and it he will ship it me. Then sent two...
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    WANTED Looking for cheap mz or kit for deer season

    Before you but your money down, make sure you can get the caps. Some will use an #10 and some will use a #11 cap. Can you get a supply locally? If you need to get them online, you will pay a HAZ fee and costs a few bucks and will add to the cost. IF you can find them. If you use real back...
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    WANTED WANTED The Pedersoli™ Coach Gun

    Looking to buy a Pedersoli™ Coach Gun. Condition - new in the box or 95% min. Looks like this: Thanks, Robert
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    Cylinder Loader

    I have a loader (but not the “Big Lube” Tower of Power Loader). I have a Harbor Freight torque wrench with settings so you can adjust the pressure. When it hits the limit, it stops adding pressure. I would be nice to use a fitting with the handle in the loader so you can keep the same...
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    ROA cylinder mods

    When I got my cylinders, I looked with a light to see the cylinders through the barrel and all three were about 1/32th off center or better. That is why I had to ship the frame to Edo to fix the indexing problems. It took a couple weeks but they are OK now.
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    ROA cylinder mods

    To Dicky Dalton: Does the frame index with the cylinders right? Robert
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    ROA cylinder mods

    I guess I was just lucky.
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    ROA cylinder mods

    I bought three of the ClassicBallistix cylinders last year and they needed to fix the cylinders and redo the cylinders for the barrel would line up. It took a couple weeks and I gave the fame to Edo but he made it right. With Swiss of 3fff powder, the cylinders will hold 45 grains with a...
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    Remington & Triple 7

    I have a flintlock pistol from my father and it has been in the family from the War From 1812. About two years back I took a dowel to check if it was loaded. It seems it is. Someday I will pull the ball and the powder (the flint is missing).
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    Remington & Triple 7

    I loaded up an Uberit 1860 Colt with 30 grains of 777 about 10 years back. Last week I shot it. The balls barely made out the barrel and there was a thud when the shots went off, not a BOOM. I tried 777 in a cap type T/C Hawken and there was a delay and I missed my shot and bought some Swiss...
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    The best way is to keep away from bears. BUT ----- I have a loading stand now. It seems IF you use a loading stand, why not pull the nipples and clean really them well and use a pick to make sure the nipple is clean and press the caps with a wooden dowel and then seal the cap on the nipple by...
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    Watch this video and this should answer you question: RM
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    Lyman Black Powder Revolver....

    Here is an older add one for sale. I would pay $100 tops with the rust issues.
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    TC Thompson Patriot

    I got one in the mid 80's and I used a loading stand and the power charge per the manual and broke the stock. They replaced it but I still have not shot it again. A lot of people say use a top 20 grains of power and do not use a loading stand and you should should OK. I can use the Trapper...
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    Leaving C&B loaded

    I bought an Old Army in the mid 1980’s and I shot a bunch of times and then put in the safe for about 10 years. The nipples was stuck and I needed to send it to Strum and they gave a new cylinder for free. Put some Anti-Seize stuff on the nipples every time you put it away and you are good to...
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    leaving my gun loaded?

    I inherited a flintlock pistol that was from the war from 1812 area. My dad kept in a case display until he gave it to me in the mid 2000’s. I put it in the safe for safe keeping and from time to time I look at it. The flint was long gone but the gun it looks it could fire. The ramrod is...
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    Thompson Center 54 Cal. Model?

    I see 54 cal T/C Hawken stocks for sale from to time from Evilbay. Your barrel would just drop in. Just sight in and if you need a new stock, go for it. Robert
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    What Can I Do To My GPR?

    Nice job. With that load, what is the max of the yards you are shooting at a deer? Robert
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    deerstalker, range report, care and maint

    My ex-wife gave me a Thompson Center 54 cal. flintlock in the mid 80’s. The last time I shot it (in the 80’s), I cleaned it with dish soap and hot water, used a brass bore brush to knock off all of the gunpowder and cleaned it again with dish soap and hot water again, used the air compressor to...