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  1. zimmerstutzen

    Question for Blacksmith/metallurgy folks

    I happened upon a very old treadle lathe for turning wood. I am building a fly wheel for it (old one missing) I am also hoping to forge out some old style tools for lathe chisels/knives. My only experience forging was junior high school making a cold chisel and about 20 years ago I forged some...
  2. zimmerstutzen


    I grew up in central PA, just south of what is called the coal regions. A place where various ethnic foods sort of overlap. One I truly loved from fairs and farmer's markets was pirogis. Often spelled numerous other ways, including Piroshki. Well, these little fried pies of dough outside and...
  3. zimmerstutzen

    Combined foods/energy bars

    When I was very young, I remember my grandmother, a very old school PA Dutch cook, making a raised bread that had all kinds of stuff in it. It was dark in color with molasses, a bit of cocoa, browned loose sausage crumbles, raisins, dried apples, oat meal and other things kneaded into the...
  4. zimmerstutzen


    Couldn't sleep and was up surfing channels last night. Thinking what a horrible vast wasteland it really is, I came up a movie/series called Maximilian. Takes place in the late 1400's about Maximilian of Burgundy, who was later crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 1508. I went into a little of the...
  5. zimmerstutzen

    Sika Elk on Assateague Island

    Saw my first Sika elk in the wild yesterday while hiking on Assateague island. I don't know what makes for a trophy, but the antlers were almost as tall as the elk. Also saw a half dozen white tail. I envy those who get to hunt out there. Looked into getting the license and permit, a bit...
  6. zimmerstutzen

    smooth bore pistol pattern

    As I recall, conventional wisdom was that shot in a pistol was never a realistic hunting proposition. Perhaps ok for cutting a swath through a mutinous crew in the gangway, but that is it. Has anyone actually done some scientific type patterning of smooth pistols? One guy I know claims he...
  7. zimmerstutzen

    Why they chose September 11......

    Do you know why they picked September 11th? In the summer of 1683, 300,000 Muslim troops began a siege of Vienna. The fall of Vienna would have left the way clear for the Muslims to invade central Europe. It was the Pasha's goal to take Rome and convert the Basilica there to a Mosque. A little...
  8. zimmerstutzen

    Regional accents lost

    I grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, where a few old timers still had difficulty speaking English, even though they were 4th generation Americans. We joked and scoffed at those who were "Dutchified" even though we were ourselves. When I got to college, I developed a keen ear for regional...
  9. zimmerstutzen

    Punt Gun

    Just got back from Chincoteague, VA. Did lots while there, including touring the little Chincoteague museum. In the display they had about old market hunting days they had an old punt gun out. must have been 8 feet long, BUT part of the barrel had been reinforced with a section of iron pipe...
  10. zimmerstutzen

    Dixon's Gunmaker's Fair, 7-26 to 28

    Been to Dixon's dozens of times but never made it to the fair. Got arrangements for making it up there on July 26 Friday. I live about an hour and 15 mins from his shop. Who else is going?
  11. zimmerstutzen

    yard sailing paid off today.

    Amongst kiddie clothes and toys at a yard sale today, I spied a box of assorted metal junk and hardware. I saw a piece of octagon steel in it that had a familiar look. Paid $4.00 for the entire box of stuff, including the never breeched Getz 40 caliber 1:25 9 inch long 13/16 ACF pistol...
  12. zimmerstutzen

    Early American Life - danger

    There is a picture of what appears to be a cannon made from water pipe in the magazine and the caption indicates the owner fires it ever year at the fourth of July. The very sort of thing, hobby and model artillerists do not need, is a picture of a wheeled pipe bomb with a caption describing...
  13. zimmerstutzen

    Hmmm. Multi-bore gun?

    Was at an auction preview yesterday and noticed, in a scrap metal pile, a piece of round steel about 2 inches in diameter and 15 inches long. It had 8 or 9 holes lengthwise that appeared to be about 30 or 32 caliber. Not sure what the piece came from, one end of the external diameter was...
  14. zimmerstutzen

    Documentation for machinery

    I am thinking of building a treadle lathe to demonstrate wood turning. I have been studying various original lathes. Some had wooden head stocks and some had metal head stocks. What manner of documentation would be required to satisfy a picky group that a style or design was period...
  15. zimmerstutzen

    Cabin Size

    Talking with an older relative the other day as we passed a small log cabin a local fellow built from logs he cut on his property. I appeared to be a nicely done job, but was small, perhaps 12ft x 14ft. And we started wondering about the size of the actual cabins raised on the early...
  16. zimmerstutzen

    Maple time soon

    Yesterday saw a huge icicle hanging off the side of a maple tree...... soon time
  17. zimmerstutzen

    huge night time muzzle flash for pistols

    In Germany folks gather to shoot massive heavy barreled salute pistols for Christmas, and New Years. This is a link to a newspaper article about a club in Kersbach, Bavaria shooting a salute on New Years...
  18. zimmerstutzen

    Investarms single barrel shotgun

    I was nosing around the Investarms web site and saw they have a single barrel 12 ga with 31 inch barrel. Looks to be a very nice gun. Anybody ever seen one in person? scroll down second from the bottom
  19. zimmerstutzen


    Well the black walnuts are falling, the hickory nuts are falling and the chestnuts are going to be falling soon. I am told that I have a couple wild filbert trees but I have never found them. Of the hickories we have two or three different varieties and I do not even know which are the good...
  20. zimmerstutzen


    I remember reading an account by a Mayflower passenger, that it was the plethora of easily available clams that got the ship's lot through the first winter. When I lived in Florida, I attended a US Park Service program about how folks lived in the everglades in the mid 1800's and what they ate...