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  1. Jeff Gleason

    Finished my Coehorn

    I bought the barrel about a month ago, and finally finished it. It's golf ball bore. The barrel is properly chambered. The bed is 1x4 oak boards laminated together. The through-bolts are 3/8 inch threaded rods. Handles are cast iron. The steel Fox balls weigh about a pound each. I haven't shot...
  2. Jeff Gleason

    Big, big game with a patched round ball.

    Last year I took a watusi bull with my .458 WM. I had intended to shoot it with a flint .54 cal smootbore and a patched round ball. The testing I did, led me to believe it was not up to the task. Rather than a significant amount of penetration, it tended to go off at angles in a number of test...
  3. Jeff Gleason

    .54 cal round ball larger game...

    As an extended discussion, how large a game can a .54 patched round ball effectively take? My flint smooth rifle likes a load of 100gr fffg with a circle fly fiber wad and a 530 prb. I get cloverleafs at 25 yards and 2" groups at 50. If I limit my shots to 50 yards, can I reliably take...
  4. Jeff Gleason

    A question for the horners.colors

    Other than the traditional black or brown, has anyone ever seen other colors on dyed horn spout necks? Has any one seen a proper horn spout n forest green, maroon or navy blue? Your input is welcome. Thanks.
  5. Jeff Gleason

    Late season gobbler

    I was able to score on a nice tom. Sitting Fox kit, 54 smoothie. #6 shot at about 20 yards. Thanks for looking!
  6. Jeff Gleason

    Day horn

    I decided to make a day horn for short hunting sorties. It has a more traditional look. As you can see I like to hunt hogs when I can. Thanks for looking.
  7. Jeff Gleason

    A patch knife

    I had a patch knife that fit (somewhat) into the incorporated sheath on my Graybear bag. The problem was that the handle, made from an antler time was too long, and hit on things. I decided on a hammer finished blade, drilled for pin nominated scales. I used dyed bamboo for the scales, but a...
  8. Jeff Gleason

    Wisconsin gobbler score.

    Despite the rain I scored a nice gobbler today. Sitting Fox .54 smoothbore from a kit. Ounce and a quarter lead #6 shot ahead of 80 grs fffg, did a good job! :hatsoff: [image[/img]
  9. Jeff Gleason

    Torch blue?

    I am building a Virginia 54 smoothbore. To check my finishing of the steel buttplate, I torch blued a portion of it. The color came out very nice, more of a deep navy blue. My question is, does anyone use this method (without oil) to color steel parts? How durable is it? Thanks for any and all...
  10. Jeff Gleason

    Buffalo hunting horn.

    Hello all! I am new to the forum, but not ml'ing. I have been out of ml shoulder arms for a while. Great forum! Thanks for having me. I decided to take delivery of a Sitting Fox smoothbore .54 cal kit. It will give me the versatility I need in the hunting woods. I got antsy and decided to...