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    One lock bolt or two?

    When you build a flintlock, do you use one lock bolt or two? So far, simply for the ease of building, I've only used one. Im on my third build and am considering using a second lock bolt, however I'm not sure. I must say I've never had issues using just one lock bolt. In fact, both of my...
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    Well it happened, broke my first ramrod.......

    Been shooting muzzle loaders for at least 25 or 27 years now. Never snapped a ramrod, until yesterday. Yesterday was the opener of our rifle deer season. I was loading the rifle at my truck before heading into the woods. I always do this to avoid undue noise and movement at my stand. Had seated...
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    Pa squirrel opener 10/19.

    Anyone planning on going? What gun do you plan to use? I've got my TVM Poor boy 20 gauge smooth bore ready to go. Have paper loads made up with 1 1/8 oz. #6 loads in the vest. I load 70 grains of 2fg.
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    Pillow ticking from walmart?

    Has anyone used the pillow ticking from wal mart for patch material? It looks to be of decent quality and is cheaper than buying small packages of it from say Cabelas or online. How thick does it generally run?
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    Has anyone made their own walnut stain?

    Everywhere I go these days I see walnuts lying in the road. I was wondering how I could go about taking the husks and making my own stain. Would it even be worth the trouble. If you have made your own walnut stain, I'd love to know how.
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    Anyone use Kraft paper for shot tubes?

    I was downstairs trying to come up with another idea for self contained shot tubes for use in the smooth bore. Then it hit me that I have Kraft paper, so I began experimenting with it. I found that if you cut it just right then wet the paper and wrap it around a dowel, that when dry it will hold...
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    When hunting do you dress the part?

    In other words to you dress in period clothing? I personally do not, as I have no interest in the clothing. However, I have seen a few hunters about dressed in colonial type garb. I will admit they looked really cool.
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    7/21, made some more progress on my .32 cal squirrel rifle..

    Got the trigger guard pinned into place today. This heat has me indoors, and I find no better project to work on when inside than my rifle. Now on to the butt plate.
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    Sights for .32 squirrel rifle.

    I will be needing sights for my .32 cal squirrel rifle. There are so many different styles to choose from, I'm not sure which to pick. Only thing I do know is I want a thin blade front sight as I don't want something so wide that at 25 yards the game is completely obscured. The rifle is an...
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    Anyone going to Dixon's Gun makers Fair...

    Was wondering who and all is going to Dixon's this year. I'm planning to go. I may just buy a stock blank if I find one at a reasonable price. I'm going to try my hand at building a Flintlock from a blank the next time around.
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    What is the oddest lead item you've made ammunition from?

    For me I will have to say the lead scuba weight a guy gave me once. Said He was cutting a person's lawn and almost ran it over. He knew I made my own ammo so gave it to me. What was your strangest piece of lead that you've made into ammo?
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    8 shots later.....

    Decided to take the GPR to the range today. Have the place to myself. Fired 8 shots then ran out of powder. Note to self, check the horn before you leave. Still a good day. Needed the practice and the mind cleanse anyway.
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    When did using 3fg become so popular?

    Back when I started shooting muzzle loaders the accepted practice was to use 3fg in guns under .50 cal and anything over .50 to use 2fg. I've always used 2fg and have never had issues. When did the change in attitudes toward 3fg in larger calibers take place? Am I the only person still using 2fg.?
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    What is your main use for your muzzle loaders?

    What do you mainly use your muzzle loaders for? Be it target shooting, hunting, shooting matches, simply for display, etc? For me, my main use is for hunting, and target shooting.
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    Made a little more progress on the Verner .32 caliber tonight.

    Got the trigger group in, and drilled and tapped for the tang screw tonight. Its still just a rough in, but she's getting there. Had a little trouble with the tang screw hole as it drilled a little off center, but a few minutes with a mini rat tail file cured that problem. I know I don't need...
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    When casting lead balls, do you drop them in water to cool......

    Or let them air cool? I've always just let the lead air cool on an old towel. Not sure I'd want to rapidly cool lead by dropping into water but have never heard of anyone having issues by doing it. So, do you drop them in water or let them air cool and why?
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    Pa Spring Turkey day one.

    Any Pa turkey hunters out there? How'd you do this morning? I met my buddy at the spot I had picked out at 4:40 am. Was running ten minutes late. He was in the parking area when I got there. Two other trucks were there as well. We headed to the area I had roosted a gobbler the other night and...
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    Breech plug length for .32 caliber rifle...

    The thread below regarding the man's 45 caliber and his short breech plug, got me thinking. When I did the breech plug for my .32 caliber, I had to file off some of the rear of the barrel and cut off some of the plug in order to get it to mate up with the flat I had wanted. I bought the barrel...
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    Do you prefer a single or a set trigger for hunting?

    I prefer a double set trigger on my rifles, as I normally, especially when deer hunting , have time to set the trigger before I get off a shot. I'm installing a double set trigger on my squirrel rifle as well. I do like the option a double set trigger allows in case I don't get the chance to set...
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    Ammo from old sinkers.

    Was over my parents house today cleaning out their basement of some junk. Ran across a bag that my father had used to keep his surf fishing sinkers in. There were some pretty large pyramid sinkers inside, maybe five or six of them, all about 4 ounces each. All pure lead(well all passed the...