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  1. Baxter

    Wasn't .52 common?

    Wasn't .52 once a fairly common bore? I remember reading that Jed Smith's rifle was a cal. .53. I recall references also to .42 cal. Cannot cite specific references to the foregoing comments. My own rifles are .54 but if I was to choose a custom barrel, .52 might be considered, if only to...
  2. Baxter

    Scotch Brite in-bore use

    I am working on a .50 cal. CVA rifle that has a neglected bore. Using Fluid Film and getting rust-stained patches - more work to do. Bore light shows good/serviceable rifling and what appears to be many small rust spots or scattered, generalized light pitting. I have a packet of Scotch-Brite...
  3. Baxter

    Need some wood screws.

    I want to replace some oval-head brass screws on a CVA patch-box and TG with flat-head slotted-drive screws that I can brown. #4 x 1/2" (head measures .210" diameter). No local source. Ideas for sources which allow me to order on-line will be appreciated. Thanks, in advance.
  4. Baxter

    Browning an already browned barrel.

    I will be receiving a rifle which had been browned; barrel, steel TG and steel BP. Somewhere in its past, someone did some sanding on the wood and sanded the forward portion of the TG and some of the BP. The barrel's browning is splotchy. Can I clean up the metal (scratch marks) and apply LMF...
  5. Baxter

    Heritage Products flints

    Received my French black flints from Jack & Jude Droesch, Heritage products. Ordered 12; received 13 nice looking flints and a hand-written receipt with a 'thanks for your order' . Nice touch. Thanks Jack, Jude and Judith!.
  6. Baxter

    Uses for "pine" sap?

    I live in the midst of several different kinds of conifers as well as birches/aspen, maple/sugar maple and many other kinds of trees. In former years, I did a lot of wood-cutting and splitting for firewood - not conifers. I have used the sap from pine, especially the Jack Pine on my hands to...
  7. Baxter

    Reducing jag diameter

    With my new Dremel vise, I will be able to mount my Dremel motor and chuck a jag or two to reduce diameters as many have recommended. The question now is, how much to reduce? I have 0.018 and 0.020 ticking that I have used in my .54 caliber rifles and these have given good service with .530...
  8. Baxter

    Dremel vise.

    I have a terrible left hand "action tremor" and a mild right hand tremor; doing anything "small" is a frustration for me. I needed to trim, sand/scrape and stain a couple of ramrods and couldn't manage them without making a big mess. I bought a Dremel vise (Amazon) and it has solved many...
  9. Baxter

    Paste wax residue on stock

    I have been using Mylands brand paste wax on my rifles' wood and metal and I like it. The problem with it is that cleaning the dried residue out of the small mount of engraving and in the "nooks and crannies" with a soft toothbrush is difficult and time consuming. Live with it?
  10. Baxter

    Correct ramrod fitting(s)?

    I am going to replace the ramrod on my custom-built early Lancaster. The builder-supplied ramrod has a wood-grain pattern that I am not sure will stand up for safe use. I will be ordering a ramrod from Log Cabin (Ohio) with one fitted and pinned end with 10-32 threads. The question is: What...
  11. Baxter

    SOLD Best quality hickory ramrod

    I need a 3/8" rod, finished length of 43.25", with pinned brass10-32 fitting(s). BTT
  12. Baxter

    Bullet with washer on "nose"

    In about 1970, a USAF compatriot of mine gave me a small collection of ACW bullets from his farm in VA. One of them appears to be about .54-56 cal, two definite, possibly a third top grease-grooves, and has what appears to be a solid washer-on-post protruding from the nose of the short bullet...
  13. Baxter

    Hearing protection.

    I wear brimmed hats outdoors for protection against sunlight. I've had a lot of skin-cancer on my ears and "baseball caps" provide no protection in that sense but I like "ear-muffs" better than "ear plugs". Does anyone have useful suggestions/references for muffs that can be worn with brimmed...
  14. Baxter

    Altoid tins

    I use Altoid (breath mints) tins for flints, jags and patches. A tin can easily hold 8' of folded ticking patching. I burn the paint off with a small torch, turn the lid face-down on the anvil of my shop vise and gently hammer the imprinted legend flat - leaves a grey-black "no name" tin after...
  15. Baxter

    shooting my Lancaster today

    Shooting today at only 25yds, trying to learn something with my .54 lancaster. .530rb, 3Fg and some cotton .80-.89cal. patches from TOW, using Dutch's formula. First 5 rounds loaded with mild effort but every patch was blown-through. I wet-swabbed with two patches between shots, using...
  16. Baxter

    Flints with "hump" on them

    I sorted through some flints (English Black) at the range last week when I needed a new flint. A couple of the flints have a prominent "hump" on the "top" and I could not get them to clamp securely in the leather in the jaws. I saved them - I have no knapping skills yet but I could use them to...
  17. Baxter

    patch diameter

    I bought pre-cut ".54 cal." .015 and .020 shooting patches for my .54 FL, lubed them myself. When I stand my rifle for loading, the muzzle reaches my nose and my left hand has a bit of a "palsy" so it is difficult for me to center a ball, sprue up on the "minimalist" .54 patch - lots of...
  18. Baxter

    Pan priming - how much?

    I know that this has likely been covered too many times but I'll ask again. Yesterday at the range, I had the impression of a bit of an "explosion" in the pan as the rifle fired - I use one of the tubular brass pan-powder dispensers that has a spring-loaded release and sometimes the powder...
  19. Baxter

    Kroil for lock lubrication?

    I have used Kroil for decades on my Lee Enfields and had a small amount available while cleaning my Lancaster. I scrubbed the lock in hot water with a "dash" of dish detergent and a toothbrush; followed this by drying with a hair-dryer and then applied Kroil. I know that others use many...
  20. Baxter

    Range time today

    I finally got to the range today with my Lancaster .54. Had FTF a couple of times till I replaced a very dull flint with a new, sharp English Black and ignition was perfect thereafter. 25yds, 75grs of 3Fg for charge and the same 3F for prime (worked just fine), .530 ball, .015 cotton patch...