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    Any Gain twist barrel shooters?

    I cut the barrels I use for target pistols with a gain twist. I don't do this because a gain twist is any more accurate than a uniform twist, but to reduce the amount of torque the pistol exerts at the shot. I think that anything I can do as a builder to stabilize the pistol will contribute to...
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    Rifled vs Smooth?

    I don't have a smoothbore but I do shoot competition at Friendship with rifled pistols. I have friends there who do shoot the smoothbore matches and they tell me that the secret to smoothbore accuracy is a tightly patched ball and velocity, velocity, velocity. In a .44 this means 45-50 grains...
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    Silver Dollar City Hawken

    I remember reading several warnings in Muzzle Blasts back then about guns coming out of Branson. They were touted as handmade Hawkens and looked good. However, they were extremely dangerous as the breech plug was not threaded but pinned in place. I would have your gun examined by a...
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    .54 round ball rifling?

    Either of the twists you mention will work for a .54. The 1:64 may be more particular about powder charge for best accuracy while the 1:82 will give you a wider window in the powder charge.
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    Help with barrel marking

    I have seen barrel muzzles marked with zeros, ohs, vees, punch marks, stars, combinations of letters and punch marks and various engraved designs. They are for decoration and put there by the builder or perhaps the owner.
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    Target Flintlock Pistol

    Fred, From your statements I hazard the opinion you have never shot a good flintlock. Just your use of the term "klatchlock" is telling. A flintlock pistol is no less accurate than a percussion. YOU may not be able to shoot it as accurately, but that's not the pistol's fault. Master-class...
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    Strange vent hole in percussion shotgun by Stevens of London

    When the percussion cap explodes the flame front from the cap compresses the air ahead of the front, possibly preventing the flame from reaching the main charge. The little hole relieves that pressure and makes the gun more sure-fire. At least that was the rational. As Grenadier said it is...
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    Gain Twist rifling...does it work

    Actually what you have described is a CHOKED bore. A TAPERED bore reduces in diameter uniformly from breech to muzzle. This taper is on the order of half a thousandth of an inch in the length of the barrel. Harry Pope made his barrels with gain twist (about a quarter turn in the length of the...
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    Gain Twist rifling...does it work

    One of the types of firearms I build is target pistols for which I make barrels with a gain twist. I have not seen any advantage over uniform twist as far as accuracy is concerned, but I use gain twist to reduce torque. I think anything I can do as a builder to contribute to the stability of...
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    lock tuning

    Make sure you have powder visible at the surface of the touch hole. If you don't, prime the pan and tip the rifle to bank powder against the touch hole and slap the rifle a few times to run powder into the breech. Tip the rifle the other direction to spread some powder across the bottom of the...
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    Question on inletting barrel channel

    It should be a "slip-fit" not an "interference-fit".
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    Flint Life

    As Tengun said, I've had flints break on the first shot (rarely) and, with re-knapping, I've gotten well more than 100 shots from a flint (common). The average is somewhere in between. The don'ts with a flintlock are the same as those with any ML firearm.
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    Nipple Wear Question

    It does! The effect on group size is much more noticeable and dramatic with a pistol. One cylinder full will print all tens and the next cylinder will be all over the map--it's that sudden. The same happens with a flint pistol. There seems to be a "tipping point" where the increased gas loss...
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    Need tiger striped ramrod

    Spiral masking or painter's tape the length of the rod leaving a gap between spirals equal to the width of the stripe you want. Apply a dark stain to the exposed area of the rod, remove the tape, allow to dry and apply a finish.
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    applying gun oil on barrel

    My procedures for browning include draw filing, polishing and scrubbing with detergent in boiling hot water until I am sure that ALL grease and oil have been removed and then scrubbing some more. Some guns I have made I have polished the metal parts (including the barrels)to 600 grit followed...
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    Damascus Twist Barrels

    If the gun is a muzzleloader and the barrels are in good shape--no rust or deep pitting, I would not hesitate to use it. There has been a series of articles in The Double Gun Journal about destructive testing of damascus barrels that are very interesting reading. BTW, a more proper term for...
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    Serious Problem with Uberti Hawken Spring

    If you can cock the lock when it is out of the stock I would suspect interference with the wood in the lock mortice. Smoke the internal of the lock, install in the mortice, work the cock and then see if any of the black rubbed off on the wood. Remove the wood that is marked with the smoke...
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    Wooden patchbox tips

    Whichever method you pick to make your lid, make the dovetail with a slight inward taper from rear to front. As the latch catches, the dovetails should be snug enough there is no play in the lid, then as it begins to move to the rear upon opening the dovetails loosen and the lid will move freely.
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    Making touch hole bigger

    May be true, but please note my statement is in the present tense--not the past. I have been building and shooting flintlocks for over 50 years and in that time I have learned a thing or two about making a flintlock go BANG.
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    Need advice

    As has been mentioned, your gun has a chambered breech and may require a modification of your loading procedure. Slowly pour in a few grains of powder before dumping the rest of the charge en-mass. This will allow the breech cavity to fill and you should see powder at the surface of the...
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