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    Ramrod how long?

    I usually drill my RR holes into the stock at least 1/2" longer than the bore depth. And if I can get an inch more, great. This way I always have the end of the RR exposed when it is in the bore, but even with the muzzle or 1/2" to 3/4" past the end of the muzzle when it is installed into the...
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    Single trigger in a double-set inlet?

    Very simple if you have access to a wire welder. First of all, how much of a Inlet do you have. Some of them are just a small hole & you can put whatever trigger asm in you want. If it is a Long slot or inlet, just buy the double set trigger it is supposed to have, take out the rear trigger &...
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    Opinions wanted on a build

    If you shoot Swiss 3F in a small bore, fouling is never an issue, as it leaves very little. I use Swiss 3F in anything up to & including a .40 cal & when I clean it after 35-50 shots, it is amazing how little fouling is there. BIG difference from Goex or Scheutzen. Also the Lube you use...
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    Chambers Late Ketland lock trigger pull

    Dont mess with it. Call Jim Chambers & i feel thel will repair it for free & very quickly. Keith Lisle
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    what barrel to buy

    The Rice barrel is #1 in quality inside & out, & #1 choice for me. I have used Many of them. The breeching will be perfect & the quality will be unsurpassed. If you want bare essentials, lower price, & a quality shooter, the Green Mountain is the way to go. (Comes unbreeched) At one time...
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    Touch Hole location #2

    Yes. I take the breechplug out & lay it on the barrel flat, scribe the flat exactly the end of the plug depth. Then I make another scribe line 1/16" ahead of the initial line. Lay a vent liner on same flat & mark where the center of the vent liner is & scribe a 3rd line. The center of the 3rd...
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    Touch Hole location #2

    I would rather deal with pulling the ball or pulling the breechplug, rather than have fouling jammed in the vent hole all the time. :idunno: But that is just me. I set all of my vent liners about 1/16" in front of the breech threads, as not to intersect the threads. For me this eliminates...
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    How common was "perfect" inletting in the 18th century?

    I don't know about Jerry, but I can see obvious gaps between every board. :idunno: :rotf: :slap: Keith Lisle
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    How common was "perfect" inletting in the 18th century?

    What I see, is what sometimes happens when someone purchases parts from dif venders & the barrel channel was not cut for that particular barrel. Such as: Wood from TOW, barrel from Rice, Lock from TVM, trigger from ? IF I am going to buy a preshaped stock, I am going to get the barrel from...
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    Companies making kits

    Comparing a CVA build (actually a CVA kit is an Assembly, the rifle is built) to a Kit supplied by TVM, Tip Curtis, Pecatonica, Jim Chambers, etc, is like comparing building a 3 HP lawn more engine build to a Nascar engine build. They are not even Close to the same thing.... I have seen 12...
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    siler l&r lock

    A L&R lock is not even a close comparison to the quality of a Chambers lock. :shake: I have bought close to a hundred Chambers locks & this is not a guess or a maybe, it is fact. Every, not some, but every L&R lock I have bought had issues that took time & $ to correct. I wouldn't use...
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    Swamping The Corners

    If that was 30 yards, either you are off or the Load needs MUCH work. At 25-30 yards, you need one ragged hole groups. Then you work out to the longer distances. As I stated, remove the Human Error First.... It doesn't matter what kind of shooting, trail or whatever. If the load is not the...
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    Swamping The Corners

    I don't see anything that says Yardage..... I always start at 25 Yards on a steel bench with sand bags. 1 want 3 shots in the same hole @ 25 yrds. If I don't have that.... Need a dif load or combo or whatever & start over...... Now you may think this is unnecessary, but I am saying to get...
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    Another Rough Bore Question

    Send it to Bobby Hoyt & have it bored & rifled to .54 cal. He has done several for me & did a beautiful job. Keith Lisle
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    Swamping The Corners

    Well, congrats....... Looks like you got it together & working. You even got a starting load ! Now work that load down to a 3 shot 1.5 - 2" group @ 100 yards & you will really have something ! Keith Lisle
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    Most likely, the Lock nor the Trigger changed when you finished the rifle. The WOOD changed. Blacken things on the Lock & on the Trigger & reinstall & see what is hitting where. Remove wood as needed. I think you are binding it up someplace. Also, you might tighten the tension on the leaf...
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    Member Dave K passes this morning

    I was informed of the passing of my good friend Dave K this morning. (62 yrs old) Dave has been battling the big C for over 10 years now, & has now gone past that battle. Dave has been a member of this forum for almost 14 years, & has posted 2474 times, many times in the Smoothbore & Gun...
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    Barrel Browning Issue

    I bead blast the barrel, then wipe it down with electrical cleaner or drake drum cleaner. It will remove all contamination. Keith Lisle
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    Barrel Browning Issue

    I never do less than 6 applications. and sometimes do 7 applications, carding en between applications every 3 hrs with a Dixcel Wheel from Brownells. up to about 4 applications, mine always look mottled. After 5 it starts coming on strong & evening out well. A few weeks ago I totally browned a...
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    Gunstocks Plus?

    Doubt he will be back in business. He's been trying to sell the business for years. Try Tip Curtis Frontier Shop. 615-654-4445 If Tip don't have it, you probably don't need it. HUGE inventory of all ML parts. :thumbsup: Keith Lisle
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