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    Does Your State have a Primitive Deer Season

    Oregon is similar to Id and Co. Anything that loads from the muzzle, Loose powder only, No scopes, No plastic on or around bullet, Open ignition, No 209s or elect. ignition. Separate mz seasons (draw only) and only one tag per species. Can hunt only one season per species per year.
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    Is It Just Me?

    I agree with "Spikebuck" on this. Most of these hunts were started as primitive seasons. Then the gun manufactures started coming up with newer/better tech. and skirting the game laws so they could keep up with their competition and sell their products. They are only making what the consumer is...
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    Is 70 grains 3f enough umph

    70 grns is enough. Its almost equal to 80 of 2F. Shot placement is #1 priority. However "if" you and your gun can maintain accuracy with a faster, flatter shooting ,harder hitting projectile at a longer range." Why not". I know were not shooting long range high power weapons here and the gains...
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    Ill have to do some research on the browning process to see if its something I want to attempt.
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    Volume of powder

    You could do the math, Or you could measure from the end of your barrel to your vent liner, mark your ramrod and pour in powder and compress to aprox. seating pressure until the mark is above the end of the barrel. Keep track of how much powder you pour in. Probably have to put a ball on top and...
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    Change ID please

    After clicking through 700+ pages. Someone beat me to it, its already been used.Thanks for the quick reply.
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    I know very little about the bluing/browning process. I tried to blue a barrel for a kit gun many years ago and it didn't go so well. Lack of knowledge and/or correct procedure the likely cause. My question now is, can that barrel be "browned" now or once blued Im stuck with what Ive got? Its a...
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    Change ID please

    If someone wants to change their ID, Is there a way to check if that ID is already in use?
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    How Much Powder Is Too Much

    If you need to powder up so far that you cant hit where you need to. Its time to think about a bigger gun.
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    How Much Powder Is Too Much

    Too much powder is when you no longer have acceptable accuracy for the task, Be it shooting squirrels, punching paper or cape buffalo in Africa(which I have not done or plan to do)But if I did, I don't care what the law of diminishing returns says, I want every ounce of power I can get as long...
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    Who Is The Better Shot?

    Ill try to limit my reference to cf's and optics. I reload with cast bullets in shorter range cf's and muzzleloaders. One big difference is for one type I load at home the other I load at the range. From my experience or lack of, given the same sighting systems (optics vs open sights) and at...
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    Peep Sight on flintlock?

    the last gun I bought (cabelas/petersoli) has a full buckhorn rear sight. when sighting it in I stopped filing the front sight down at the point where the buckhorn works as a ghost ring. works well for me, but not when someone else shoots it "i usually forget to mention it to them". all my...
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    WANTED 54 Caliber Hornady Great Plains Bullets

    Saw some at sportsmans warehouse yesterday, they had 50 and 54. 11.00+/- each. I see you are in texas so it may not be worth the drive to Oregon. Check sportsmans if they have them down there or maybe they ship, I don't know.
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    Flint leather or lead

    I saw the link you posted and it has some good information. Im not trying to say I get a better or faster spark one way or the other, but it seems that when I look down the sights and "dry fire", the gun seems to move/jump more from the extra weight of the lead. Like I said this may be in my...
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    Flint leather or lead

    Im a little late here. But I was changing my flint the other day. I usually use leather but decided to try a lead wrap. I used a .490 rb, smashed it flat trimmed it and put it in. I "think" I can feel the extra weight when the hammer/cock swings forward, (the gun seems to jump more). I did a...
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    T/C Hawken Rifle Changes

    I have a t/c hawken without a qla and it shoots fine. I also have a .54 t/c thunderhawk 1;38 twist which I purchased new in aprox.1995. It had a qla when new. shot rb's better than I expected but would not shoot conicals well "tried every brand weight and size I could make or find" Best groups...
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    Change to Oregon Muzzleloader Hunting Regs in 2019

    I understand your pain with old eyes. Sometimes I have to guess which fuzzy front sight to try to use. A longer barrel puts that sight just a little farther away so I can sort of focus on it. Also an aperture/peep helps me focus on the front sight and I don't have to focus on the rear one. The...
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    Change to Oregon Muzzleloader Hunting Regs in 2019

    I was incorrect about the Pa hunter, Should have been(Traditions Pa pellet rifle).
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    Change to Oregon Muzzleloader Hunting Regs in 2019

    I don't have an issue with center fires, scopes or sabots. Heck I own a scoped center fire (don't remember when it was last fired) and I also went through the in-line faze (have three of them) they also don't get out of the safe very often any more. I don't claim to be holier than anyone and I...
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    Change to Oregon Muzzleloader Hunting Regs in 2019

    sorry ,I should have said "could someone put a scope on their muzzleloader". I do not think scopes, sabots, fiber optic sights, in-lines or rifle/pistol/shotgun primers should be allowed during "primitive" hunts. In some/most states muzzleloader seasons were started as primitive hunts then...
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