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  1. tenngun

    Townsends 1792 pork chops in gravy

    Just made this up, Townsend just posted vid for ‘chop houses’. Pork chops seasoned with parsley, thyme, salt, pepper,and bread crumbs. Fried in butter then deglazed with broth, two shallots diced then a ball of butter rolled in flour to make a sauce, poured over the chops. Was...
  2. tenngun

    1st( hopefully last) annual Hercules Glades covid invitational primitive rendezvous

    Leaving in AM for the glades for a three night ‘voo. I was taking time off for the pomme de terre voo in Hermitage MO but that was canceled. This new voo is a juried event, and by invitation only. So far I’m the only one invited and I just barely passed the jury. Ok it’s just me trekking on my...
  3. tenngun

    Split coffee soup

    :ghostly::doh::doh:What do you want for dinner I asked my wife. How about a pea soup? She said. Went out to my pantry and got a bag of peas. Agh... only got half a bag, can’t get any at the store right now. It’s ok I got a bag of peas in my rendezvous/ trekking kit, I’ll just grab that. Sauté...
  4. tenngun

    Ready for a virtual ‘voo?

    Ready to set up your camp in the back yard and share photos yet?
  5. tenngun

    Just in:

    Just heard on new today that Guinness stops the speed of Coronavirus!!!!!! :ghostly: may you all be a half an hour in heaven ‘for the Devil knows your dead Happy St Patties day all
  6. tenngun

    Crazy crow shoes

    Just bought a pair of colonial shoes from crazy crow. They are in left and right instead of straight last, but I would say looking them over they are as equally well made as my Fugawes high lows... that also came in right left. You get what you pay for with crazy crow, but I can’t complain...
  7. tenngun

    Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers by Kilmeade

    If you have read a little about Texas History you won’t learn anything new in this book. However I found it a real good retelling of the events. It brings a new life to an old story. Like all quick tellings and light histories it short on details, there is no in depth study here, but as said...
  8. tenngun

    Makes me go hmmmm

    Cleaning today. I plug the vent, fill with warm water and dump. When it comes out clear I start swabbing with wet patches, then dry patches. Usually the first two are pretty dirty. A dozen or so patches usually is clean. Then oil. I don’t normally take a lock apart. A damp patch usually cleans...
  9. tenngun

    Washington on the history channel

    It ran this week, I recorded it while at work off tonight and watching it IMHO their doing well. And it’s nice to see. History on the history channel. In ads they show a bio of Grant coming, I hope it’s done as well as this has been going so far. What say you?
  10. tenngun

    Two left feet ... well bottoms

    Cut sleeve out. Hem edges. I use back stitch, quick and easy. Then ladder stitch side together. Not as easy. Sew a few, pull tight then repeat. Seem looks great.... make sure both sides are line if up. Oh so proud of my seem. Six inches to go Wait what’s this?????? I just sewed two under...
  11. tenngun

    Fried egg nog

    Well not really. Townsend had a vid on for buttered eggs from 1775 Elizabeth Cleland ‘new and easy method of cookery’. The eggs are whipped then poured in to the pan cream and then butter in chunks are added, pepper and nutmeg added, cooked low and slow stirred to give it a fluffy texture. So...
  12. tenngun

    Touch hole umph

    Put a .45 7/8 on a SMR. Back in the day most guns just had a straight vent for a touch hole. I have had such on a few guns that worked well. But first time out with a 1/16 touch hole, right in sunset position I had poor ignition. I waffled for a time thinking about coning out side, but sent...
  13. tenngun

    How far could you hunt?

    Reading consensus most see MLs as sort range. About fifty yards for a smoothie, two or three times that for rifle gun when hunting. Watching the cap and ball page, an ml page done by a European shooter, he shoots a Whitworth .451. Big bullet designed for long range shooting... and killing. I...
  14. tenngun

    FOR SALE CVA mountain pistol

    I just don’t shoot pistol I restocked this one, never fit a pistol trigger guard before, not most perfect fit as you can see. Shoots well with 40 grains 3f and .490 ball, has taken white tail. $250
  15. tenngun

    SOLD October country bag

    Lightly used, just changed to a bag I think fits my outfit better. $35
  16. tenngun

    Cabbage cake

    I saw a recipe for cabbage cakes on you tube. A hard of cabbage shredded, cup of flour, two eggs salt and pepper. Fry like a pan cake or potato cake. Sounded tasteless. So I thumped it. My wife doesn’t like cabbage so I made it just for me. Sautés one small onion, four thick bacon slices cut in...
  17. tenngun

    Tenngun’s tenngun

    I had to have a Tennessee rifle when I saw Dixies back in the early ‘80s. They became pretty popular, and my name Tenngun was given since I went along with the flow, that my buds kinda laughed at. I built one but made lots of mistakes. I just reworked it. Added a entry pipe, nose cap, toe plate...
  18. tenngun

    New t shirt

    Just saw it on amazon and had to get it. I’m not picking on percussion shooter or any one else... I just thought it was too cute to pass up
  19. tenngun


    Just got a GR .45 barrel 7/8 x 42 1-66 twist. If’n you own this barrel where have you found your best loads. I expect to have it ready for smoke around 1 February
  20. tenngun

    Brown on wood?

    I’m reworking my SMR cleaning up some of the mistakes I made when I built it. I added a entry thimble, reshaped cheek plate, added toe plate, and putting a nose cap on so I can have a guide for shaping the forestock down to a reasonable size instead of the ax handle it is now. I decided to...