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    Middlesex Village Trading Co

    Anyone know anything about the guns they make. Thanks
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    New interest in FDC

    Recently have been looking into Fusil de Chasse. Not a builder so would need a completed gun. Saw several in my web searches. I would use it for hunting. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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    Vent liner removal

    Never did this before - how do you remove a vent liner that is not slotted? Thanks
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    #11 vs musket caps

    Is there a real advantage to using musket caps over #11 caps? Have always used #11's but for you that have used both, did it make a difference? Thanks
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    Non toxic shot in ML

    Checked Zonie's post and okay to dicuss. Does anyone know which type(s) of non toxic shot is safe to use in a ML. I know you can use plastic shot cups for steel and I assume any others but wondering about shot without the cups. Wondering especially about TC New Englander 12 gauge and/or...
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    CLOSED Pedersoli 10 gauge

    Thinking about another turkey gun. Would like Pedersoli 10 gauge in good shape with chrome lined barrels as long as both barrels are not choked IC. Trying to see what might be available. PM with with any information. Thank you.
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    CLOSED Flintlock long rifle

    Looking for a 50 cal flintlock long rifle with slow rate of twist, 1:60 or slower. Will be used for hunting. Clean barrel and wood in decent shape please. PM if have something you think would be of interest. May ask for pictures. Thank you.
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    Smoothbore ?

    Only have hunted deer with ML rifles. How accurate are smoothbores and what is effective range? I limit my range to 100 yds or less. Thanks
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    SOLD Relisted Lyman Plains pistol 50 cal

    Purchased gun in early summer but things have changed. Pictures are from previous owner. Gun has not been shot by me and has been in my safe since it arrived. $250 shipped. USPS money order. PM if interested.
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    SOLD "New" Tip Curtis Lancaster 50 cal

    "New" as in never fired. Purchased from Tip Curtis (RIP) in Feb. of this year. It has been hanging on my wall since then. Tripped the lock twice - once when I got it and today just to check the spark. Length of barrel is 44". Very nice wood. Paid $2035 (1995 for gun and 40 for shipping). Selling...
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    SOLD Lyman Plains Pistol 50 cal

    Purchased gun in early summer but some things have changed so selling gun. Pictures are from previous owner. Gun has not been shot by me and has been in my safe since it arrived. $270 shipped ( that is what I paid ). PM me if interested.
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    Protect the stock

    What do you members use to protect the wood on your guns especially for hunting season? If this has already been discussed please let me know where I can locate it. Thanks for any and all suggestions.
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    Two Feathers - another happy customer

    Great patch knife and outstanding communications. Looking forward to more items.
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    CLOSED Lyman 50 cal pistol

    Thinking about a Lyman 50 cal. pistol. Anyone have one that is in great shape and wanting to sell. Please PM me with info. Thanks
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    Traditions 50 cal

    Am thinking about buying a pistol either flint or cap to backup my rifle during deer season. Have been looking at Traditions Trapper and their Kentucky. Any thoughts or opinions? Thanks for any info.
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    Casting round balls, thermometer needed?

    If you use a cast iron pot instead of one of those electric pots that controls the temperature should you use a thermometer to keep track of the temperature of the melted lead. Thanks for any suggestions.
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    SOLD T/C 12 ga New Englander

    Hard to find 12 gauge New Englander. Great shape. Two small blemishes on wood and I see no marks on exterior of barrel .Bore is shiny. When I bought this last fall I remarked to previous seller that it looked like it was not used much and they agreed. I did not shoot the gun and has been in my...
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    SOLD Pedersoli 10 gauge

    Have to advertise as used but gun has never been shot . Previous owner kept in safe and since I have had it, I have not shot it. Clean inside and out and I don't see any handling marks. Cyl and IC. Comes with plastic shot wads for waterfowl hunting, op,os and fiber wads.$775 USPS money order...
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    Buy used or have one made

    Saw a website Gobbler Knob Longrifles. Does anyone have any guns made by him and how do you like it? Also, saw a used gun made by John Garner. Same question about his guns. I know he is a well known gun builder and just wondering what owners have experienced with his guns. Thanks
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    SOLD T/C Hawken

    Purchased Sept. 2019 to use this fall but never got out. Selling to get funds for flintlock. Some info is from previous owner. T/C Hawken stock and lock with 54 in. Green Mountain barrel with Williams adjustable rear open sight and ivory front sight. I think this is like barrel on TOW website...