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    Curious situation with Pietta 1858 Remington

    My Pietta 1858 New Navy Belt Model has a situation that seems a bit odd to me. When I slowly release the hammer from full cock, the cylinder usually indexes back one chamber. Part way through the hammer release the cylinder bolt unlocks and the cylinder indexes back. Note: this only occurs when...
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    DGW Squirrel Rifle lockplate

    I have a DGW .32 squirrel rifle on which the lock mainspring has broken. I want to replace the lock with one of the L&R RPL locks but was curious if the lock plate for the .50 mountain rifle is the same size as the lock plate for the .32 squirrel rifle. The RPL lock for the DGW rifle states...
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    Greetings from Illinois

    Just joined the forum. I have been a muzzleloading shooting for over 40 years with some significant gaps here & there during that time. I like to tinker with guns and have especially enjoyed muzzleloaders.