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    WANTED Ruger Old Army

    Looking for a nice Old Army. I’m open to either finish, blued or stainless. Thank you!
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    Nipple thread locker?

    I wouldn’t use any thread locker either. Just a bit of grease and you should be good to go!
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    Every now and then.....

    Good girl!! :)
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    New to Muzzleloading

    I would suggest the same as Grenadier. Take some advice from those lists and visit an online shop like Track the Wolf and build your own kit. You’ll end up with quality pieces that you’ll actually use! Shooting supplies are a little harder to come by these days. Hopefully you’ll get lucky and...
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    Hello from Missouri!

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    Your opinion of best cold blue product?

    +1 for Brownells Oxpho-Blue. I’ve only tried the liquid but have heard the paste works wonders too. Burnish with 0000 steel wool between applications and you’ll have one of the best at-home blue jobs possible.