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    The Timothy Murphy shot.

    I've been doing a little research in trying to figure out what cal rifle Murphy used to reportedly kill the British officer Simon Frazier at Sara toga during the Rev. War. So far no mention of cal that I can find. There is even some speculation that the distance was much less than 300 yards...
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    Patch material

    I don't care for pillow ticking for patch material and wanted to try some fabfric that I think I remember being called Drill 50. Have I got that name right to ask for at the fabric store?
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    Good reduced load for .45 cal patched ball

    I've been shooting 65 grains of 3F Goex for many years in my percussion .45 cal and more recently flint, match guns with good results but of late have been shooting in doors where wind deflection is not an issue. I would like to find a lighter load that is accurate to the 25 yards we shoot...
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    Novaculite for gun flints

    I made some novaculite chert flints for my SMR in .45 cal that seems to work really well from initial experimentation and was wondering if anyone else has tried this material for gun flints? They're made from flakes rather than blades hence no ridge in the back leaving them much flatter.
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    Tips of hand gun shooting

    I sure have been enjoying Mike Luma's very well thought out and tested tips on accurate hand gun shooting. One I liked this issue in MB magazine was the concentration of finishing the shot (follow through) as opposed to only focusing on breaking the shot. Actually I believe if you can do the...
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    Point of aim movement

    I was watching Kibler assemble his So. Mtn. Rifle kit the other day and he mentioned that when drilling the pin holes in the barrel lugs that they needed to be elongated to accommodate the stock length expansion in Tiger or Curly maple stocks from moisture changes in the cross grain wood...
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    Tenn. Southern Mtn Rifle kit build from TOTW.

    I can't find my original post on this I started last year but finally got around to starting on the kit build after getting my belated stock delivery six months late. I did get the dove tails cut and the breech plug fit last winter but was stalled waiting for the stock that showed up in June. I...
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    Original Hawken question

    I have always been under the impression that originally Hawken rifles were offered in flintlock early on and later transitioned to percussion but after reading a book I found in the back of my gun library given to me by, I know not who some time ago, it seemed to imply that Hawkens were all...
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    Finally got going on the Southern mt rifle kit

    I bought this flint kit for a iron mounted Southern rifle last year and didn't receive the curly maple stock until June. Just now getting time enough to get back to work on it. I did have to change the breech plug to one I had on hand with a wider tang because the stock came semi inletted and...
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    How does powder granulation actually effect burn rate?

    I got to thinking on this a bit after remembering seeing very old black powder cartridges where the BP had actually become a solid mass and still they would fire. I understand the principle of larger grains having more air space between them which means volume is changed. This means smaller...
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    Dumb bell- head up butt mistake- mine

    I post this in the hope of deterring anyone else from the same error. Friday while working on several different gun projects at the same time, a friend dropped by and asked me to look at his flint lock that had a some times "catch" hesitation when the cock dropped. Thinking it was probably...
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    Ruger Old Army ratchet design

    I had several of my cap-n-ball revolvers out today comparing the ratchet and hand designs and was marveling at Bill Rugers simple design of six holes in the rear of the cylinder with the nose of the hand radius-ed on the upper half to carry up each chamber to bolt lock. I can't think of a more...
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    Revolver forcing cones

    I thought this topic might be of interest to others as well as myself having had some experience with them in center fire and percussion guns. While tuning up my Pietta 58 Rem (Remington New Model Army) I think is the ten dollar title, I learned some things about forcing cone geometry that may...
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    Bridled frizzen locks

    Were colonial (American built) locks ever or often fitted with bridled frizzens?
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    New flint kit

    Well I just pulled the trigger on a new rifle kit from TOTW. Got the Classic Tennessee rifle with iron furniture, Chambers deluxe lock and fancy maple stock. I went with my preferred Green mountain barrel in 13/16s diameter in .45 cal (1-60 twist) which is one of my favorite ball shooting...
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    Muzzle loading percussion or flint

    I was giving some thought to the differences and realized that what I had always lumped together in my rather simple thought processes were really two quite different disciplines as the transition was acutely a demarcation event. When one reads the book by Ned Roberts, "The Cap Lock Rifle"...
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    LMR browning question

    How does one get the brass colored streaks out of a LMF browning job?
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    charcoal pack case hardening

    I'd like to hear from some of you folks that do this as I am always interested in hearing of new means and methods to improve results. I've been doing it for about 15 years now after reading all I could find on the subject from Oscar Gaddy who has gone over the great divide but was very...
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    traditional in line flint lock

    I remember about a decade ago in Muzzle Blast Magazine a very interesting article about an inline flint lock that some guy reproduced. Does anyone remember the year and edition number of that particular Muzzle Blast? I think I still have it around in one of my piles of Muzzle Blasts but hate...
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    A good way to clean black powder guns.

    In case you did not catch the thread in the smooth bore section on Breech plug fouling I have been running a several year test of a cleaning product given to me some five years ago on my birthday. The name was so dumb I refused to try it but curiosity got the better of me after talking to a...