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    Silver Mounted Scabbard

    Have not been very active in shop work for awhile, but made a scabbard for a 8 3/4" blade, silver mounted Kyle Willyard knife. Love his work. Hope the scabbard does it justice. All hand made sterling silver mounts, vinegaroon blackened leather, sewn with linen thread center seam , leather medium...
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    Main Spring

    Working on a lock that goes on a trade pistol made by Curly Gostomski. Anybody know what steel he used for the main spring? It is a cast spring. Had to spread the arms a tad for more power. Now need to re-heat treat.
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    New Williamsburg Spectacles

    I bought a pair. $15.00 + shipping. They have two piece folding temples, with tear drop loops for a tie ribbon. They have no nose tabs and are very balanced, light weight, and the bridge is easy on the nose. At this time, they come in bright chrome only, with green or blue lenses. Very passable...
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    Brass Mounted Scabbard

    My first real piece of work that I have done in 14 months. Had some health and vision problems, but am getting better now. The knife is a representation of an 18th c. "broken Sword" knife. The knife was made by Kyle Willyard. Old Dominion Forge. I made the sheath with a center seam up the back...
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    Silver Mounted Scabbard Completed

    Reply with quote Modify message Remove message Finished up yesterday. Leather is 6/7 oz vege tan, sewn with linen thread, and dyed with vinegaroon. Mounts are sterling silver, hand made by me, and glued in place. The throat body is 20 ga silver, and the drag/toe 22ga. The length of the...
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    Silver Scabbard Throat

    Just finished an all sterling silver throat for a sword scabbard I am making. All silver with exception of a brass pin inside the button shaft. Inspired by an original 18th c. English scabbard. Throat body is from 20 ga. sheet, butt joined in the back by Silvaloy 355 silver braze. The top plate...
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    Pocket Fire Striker Kit

    Haven't made of of these in a long time, but needed a new one. The leather pouch is 3" x 2 3/4" of 4oz carving leather, stained with light brown Tandy oil dye, and sewn with linen thread. The file decorated striker is 1095 steel, secured with a 3/32" steel rod, and peened on the ends. Inside is...
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    Red Handled Scalper

    This one is a William Parker pattern English scalper. Parker was registered as a cutler in Sheffield England in 1761, and supplied some of the scalper type trade knives to the colonies. I made this one with a 7" blade of 01 steel, tapered in both directions from the junction of the stained...
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    Cowboy Bowie

    Fresh off the bench. A medium sized basic Bowie knife with a 7" x 1 1/4" x 3/16" blade of 01 tool steel, a through tang peened over a 3/16" thick nickel silver butt cap, 1/8" thick nickel silver guard, and a very nice Sambar elk antler grip. This piece of Sambar elk had barely a hint of pith, if...
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    Gentlemans Belt Knife Sheaths

    I finally got around to making the silver mounted sheath for the last belt knife, plus an extra simpler leather sheath slotted for a belt. The throat is 20ga sterling silver with a brass sash hook. The hook is silver brazed to the throat, and has a reinforcement 3/32" steel pin in the base that...
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    Gentleman's Belt Knife

    Or riflemans knife if you prefer. Just finished a couple of days ago. 9 1/2" 01 steel blade, iron guard, sterling silver ferrule and butt cap. Through tang peened over cap. Grip is curly maple with chip carving. I will be making a sterling silver throated center seam sheath with a brass belt...
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    Scabbard and Frog For German Hunting Sword

    I only did the leather work, using the original scabbard mounts. The original leather was rotted and torn. The frog tube was made from 4/5 0z vege-tan. The belt loop base for the tube was from 7/8oz vege-tan. I made the security strap buckle above the throat locket from 1/16" sheet brass with a...
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    New Ball Grip Scalper

    Just finished yesterday. A plain Jane scalper style with a 8"x1 1/4"x1/8" blade of 01 steel, and a walnut grip with a deer rawhide wrap laced on with deer rawhide thong. There are two 1/8" steel cross pins through the grip and tang under the rawhide. The sheath is of vege-tan leather, welted...
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    Chronicles of the Cumberland Settlements, 1779-1796

    A fantastic new book by Paul Clements. This is a book compiling over two thousand actual events from first person accounts in the region from the early 18th c. into the 19th c. A vivid eye opener to the horrors and suffering of frontier warfare these early settlers endured. Eleven years in the...
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    Bowie Scabbard & Frog

    For a probably altered made in India, Musso type Bowie knife. This is a big one with a 13 1/4" blade marked SNOWDEN KENTUCKY 1827. Yeah, sure. I used 8/9 oz vege-tan leather and 20 ga brass. 6 cord linen thread, and aged it all. The knife was already poorly aged. Hope you enjoy a look, or maybe...
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    Ball Grip Belt Knife

    My latest belt knife. 9"x1 1/4"x 3//16" distal tapered blade of 01 steel. Tapered tang with mild steel bolsters and bone slab grips. Very lightly aged. Hope you enjoy a look.
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    Sterling Silver Mounted Scabbard

    Finally finished it. Throat and Chape/drag are all sterling silver. Leather is 6/7oz vege tan, blacked with vinegaroon, and sewn with 6 cord linen thread. This scabbard was fitted to the sword shown and made by Kyle Willyard and Jared Secrest. The drag/chape is of two pieces joined by silver...
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    Sterling Silver Scabbard Throat

    Just finished this one. All sterling silver. Main throat body is 20 ga.,1/32" SS, the entry cap is 12 ga.,1/16" Frog button is 8 ga.,1/8". The frog button stud is from 6mm SS thick walled tube with a SS washer as the base. This one made me a bit nervous knowing a mistake could be expensive...
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    Primitive Peep Sight

    Due to my ageing eyes, I have decided to try a peep on my fire lock. I made it from a piece of scrap 3/16" 01 steel. Ground and filed to shape, then silver brazed to the tang. The hole is 3/32". I could have made the peep hole a little smaller, but want to be able to sight on a deer at early...
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    Scabbard For American Hanger

    Iron mounted scabbard for a 24" bladed hanger. Copied/inspired from an original 18th c. scabbard which I assume to have been English. Throat and drag was made from 22 ga. sheet steel. Locket/frog button was filed from 1/8" steel, and brazed to the throat and post. A 20D nail was used to make the...