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    proper way to tie a sash

    just wondering if there is a proper way to tie a sash so it will stay tight? wearing it over a frock.
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    almost that magical time of year TURKEY SEASON!

    our season in NY does not open until May 1 and i cant take the wait, i eat, breathe and well you know...turkey hunting! can't wait to play the cat and mouse game with a wily old gobbler! will be after them opening day with a new .75 club butt fowler made by Mike Keller. still working on the...
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    SOLD turkey beards

    not sure what to do with these but i know some people on here make a nice pan brush set using turkey beards as the bristles. i have 12 BIG beards i would trade if someone would make me 3 nice brushes to hang of my 3 hunting bags? if not what do you have to trade? i don't need much!
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    WANTED .640 round ball mold

    ooking for a .640 round ball mold or something very close for a .650 bore will pay $50 or more depending on mold
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    SOLD Day One wool parka and pants ( hard to find!) ASAT camo!

    i have a Day One Parka with bino strap and 3 big chest pockets with matching 6 pocket pants size 36 but run a size large it seems to me. both WOOL and very hard to find, excellent shape! . i do not think you can get these anymore especially in ASAT. can take more pics if needed. one time...
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    SkyChief load, am i expecting to much????

    did a little range work with my .75 cal in preperation for turkey season, its not my first rodeo but wanted to try the Skychief load. for the last 10 years i have used 80-90 grans FF, wad of hornets nest, 1 1/2-2 ounces of #5 and more hornets nest. pattern was never to good but i use my calling...
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    sprue on round ball in smoothbore does it matter?

    i usually run bare ball through my .75's and they shoot fine BUT fouling becomes a problem over prolonged shooting. i just got a new to me .735 steel Lyman mold in great shape with plans to run a patched ball through my .75's and experiment. the mold leaves a sprue that is a tad bigger then...
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    10 gage ball size??

    looking to order some round ball and a mold for my 10 gauge what diameter should i get?
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    lets hear your .40 cal loads!

    i have a custom .40 flinter due tomorrow with a rice swamped barrel and Siler lock. 44 inch barrel. planning on starting at 35 grains 3F Goex with a mink oil patch, hand cast .395 round ball and a .018 patch. would love to hear what everyone is running through their .40
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    off hand shooting, a real eye opener!

    i have shot muzzleloaders for 32 years now and consider myself a pretty fair shot FROM A BENCH. a fellow member RawHide Rick shoots with me and asked if i wanted to particiapete in this months postal shoot ( bear hunt ) and i agreed. now in my 32 years of shooting smoke pole i can count on 1...
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    SOLD TC .45 Hawken with GM barrel and Davis triggers

    hello i have an older TC Hawken for sale. stock in great shape and tastefully decorated with some brass tacks. has a Green Mountain 1:66 twist barrel on it that is crisp and MINT! also has Davis Deer Slayer trigger system that is smooth as glass. Rifle is an absolute tack driver! i am asking...
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    Fudd whacked first flintlock turkey!

    Finally took my first turkey with a flintlock my Roy Stroh clubb butt fowler affecentily named Fudd to be precise! 5 yard shot 90 grains FF, hornets nest, 1 1/2 ounce #5 and topped with hornets nest. sudden death to a nice, plump Jake. frorm field to frying pan in 2 hours!
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    WANTED wtb .570 rb mold

    looking for a .570 rb mold $25-$75 depending on brand.
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    CLOSED wtb wads and wrench for .44 1858 Rem

    i am looking for some wonder wads or other wads and a nipple wrench for my 1858 Pietta made Remington. could also use 6 new nipples. i HATE using credit card to order things! will buy or trade $40 mark or so could use 1851 Navy components.
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    lets see some Kevin Blevins rifles!

    would love to see some Kevin Blevins rifles from those of you that have them. working with him now on a .40 cal build in a Deep River style that he makes. lets see em and heard about em!
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    WANTED wanted Dwyer mocc's

    looking for a pair of Dwyer mocc's in size from 9 1/2 to 10 1/2 around $100 range
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    WANTED wtb shouder stock for AMS 1858 Remington buntline

    wtb $100 shoulder stock for AMS .44 cal 1858 Remington Buntline.
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    SOLD TC Peep Sight

    original TC Peep Sight in Mint condition minus aperture which i never used anyways. asking $65 shipped
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    SOLD TC .32 MAXI BALL mold for sale

    hard to find TC Maxi Ball mold in EXCELLENT asking $75 shipped shape asking $75 shipped!
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    FOR SALE TC Renegade .62 smooth barrel for sale

    i have a .54 TC Renegade barrel that i had Bobby Hoyt ream out to a .62 smoothbore. 1 inch across fits Renagade and 1 inch Hawken frames. barrel has some scratches and loss of blueing but smoothbore barrel is freshly reemed and in GREAT shape! asking $275 shipped this with drop right in your TC...