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    Rod diameter question

    I have nothing except a few rifles of varying calibers. This corum has told me to not use the rod under the barrel to load. So, do I need rods for every caliber or will the smallest work for all (up to .54)? Now. What material for the rod is socially acceptable? I probably will never...
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    Gunshow this weekend?

    I need so much that I hope to go. My rifles are .54, .45, and .32. I need powder, caps, balls, patches...other? What is most I should pay for the consumables without getting wallet raped?
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    Needed 1st range trip supplies for a percussion rifle?

    Sorry. I'm sure this has been covered elsewhere ad naseum and if it has I would love a link. I base this on Dixie Gun Works catalog. I would love a checklist and they have one but it is all-encompassing and non-specific. If I miss a NEED to have please tell me. NEED I know I need the rifle...
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    Lose cross pins?

    Sorry if cross pin is not the correct term. I'm talking about the rectangular pins that hold the barrel to the stock. I got a used percussion rifle today from a forum member. It was shipped with the barrel off, no big deal. I put it together and when I turned it over one of the pins fell out...
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    Ball size?

    I'm really going to show my noobosity here so be gentle. I've read in two sources that the ball should be slightly smaller than the bore and the patch fills the gap. I believe this is only for single shot weapons. Am I correct? Revolvers use a slightly over sized ball correct? Now for my...
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    Help me find a kit like this description

    I am looking for a handgun kit with these specs: .45 caliber Single shot Rifled barrel Skill level 1 (basically retarded) The only place I've looked, unsuccessfully, has been DGW but I don't know all the vendors.
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    Flint or percussion? I don’t know where to post this.

    As stated in my welcoming thread, I am a noob. I have no experience with muzzleloaders or black powder. Should I go with flint or percussion as an introduction? I'm sure everyone has their preferences but I need you to advise the cherry-boy. I have ordered a built percussion handgun from...
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    Noob from Missouri

    Looking to learn a LOT from you al,.
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    Handgun recommendation of a noob

    I'm looking at the Harpers Ferry pistol in percussion from Dixie Gun Works. Good or bad choice? Can you suggest something you think would be better?