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    Tennessee area gunsmith

    I've a brand new Pedersoli flintlock that needs some tuning of the lock (lighten the frizzen spring, I think will do it) and some stoning of a few sharp screw edges. Who can do it? Who do you recommend? Thanks!
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    Pedersoli Scout Rifle - Experiences

    I'm looking at buying the Pedersoli Scout Rifle, but haven't found much information about it. Anyone have experience or knowledge about it? Thanks!
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    Howdy from Middle Tennessee

    Muzzleloader since 1969. Shoot a .50 flintlock Pennsylvania longrifle. Always happy to meet new folks, especially those in middle Tennessee...drop me a line.
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    Looking to join or create a ML group in middle Tennessee

    Long-time muzzleloader looking for a place to shoot and folks to shoot with. Who lives in middle Tennessee (greater Nashville area)? Message me here or at Many thanks!