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    Premade shot cups - Revisited

    FYI the Sept 2020 issue of Mussleblasts from NMLRA had another take on shot cups for smooth bores. Cheers, Foxtail
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    FFF or FFFF?

    For priming the pan, what is better, 3F or 4F powder? Cheers, Foxtail
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    To patch or not to patch?

    For your smooth bore, do you patch or bare ball? Cheers, Foxtail
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    Mounting a Flint

    What material is best to mount a flint in the lock: lead, copper, leather, something else? Cheers, Foxtail
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    Portable Vous Stove from Florida???

    At the NorthEastern last month in NY I saw several portable, folding, four legged stoves "made by a guy in Florida" who goes to the Alafai. Does anyone know who he is and how to reach him?