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    First Muzzleloader Whitetail

    Whereabouts are you located in Central Texas?
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    Original Flint Rifle, Pouch, Horn, Priming Horn, Bullet Board

    Using the holes in the bullet board as a rough scale, the bag measures out to about 16 1/2" wide by 11 1/2" or so deep, assuming ~0.45" diameter holes. You can cram a lot of stuff into something that size!
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    Deerslayer Trigger issue

    Thank you for all of the replies, guys. I'll take a look again this evening to see how far the assembly sits in the stock. When I compared the two triggers side by side, the Deerslayer trigger bars are taller than the factory bars. My first inclination was to grind and file them down, but I...
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    Deerslayer Trigger issue

    I just replaced my factory Lyman percussion GPR trigger with a Deerslayer trigger. Now I have to set the trigger in order for the hammer to stay cocked, otherwise the hammer "freewheels" and won't catch at half cock nor full cock. It looks like the Deerslayer trigger bars sit higher in the...
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    How many Aggies does it take to eat an armadillo? to eat and two to watch for cars...
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    Texas Management Buck - 4X3

    Very nice, Griz! Our place is just to the south east of you in Gillespie County.
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    Hardball for small caliber deer hunting

    Aha! Thanks, Wes...I had no idea that the draw hunts had a minimum caliber! I've never put in for any draw hunts as I'm fortunate enough to have family land to hunt on. Learn something new everyday! :thumbsup:
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    Hardball for small caliber deer hunting

    Wes, I'm not trying to start an arguement, but could you point me to that regulation? I am unaware of any TPWD regs that state a minimum caliber for hunting. The only muzzleloading restrictions that I have read say that the projectile must be loaded from the muzzle, effectively making cap and...
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    Buck Fever

    I took my first deer at age 7. I'm 35 now and the adrenaline starts pumping the same way 28 years later as soon as I decide I'm going to take a shot. If that ever stops happening, I'll most probably call it quits on deer hunting.
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    demo target

    Hi, Spence. It's interesting that you use that sighting method. I was taught to shoot open sights by my father the same way. I don't believe I have ever known anyone else to use that technique. I remember a cousin always complaining because he would have to change his sight picture when...
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    Buck and ball load for 24 gauge

    I've had one close encounter with with a hog, though I believe it was just running in my direction, not really charging me, up out of a creek bottom after I fired at it across the creek with a 3" 20 gauge turkey load. As it came out on my side of the creek bottom, I put three more rounds into...
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    First Flintlock Buck

    Thank you, everyone, for all of the kind words. Hanshi, Pure satisfaction for sure! The following week I took a large doe at the same stand with my .54 GPR, but it wasn't as satisfying as the flintlock kill.
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    First Flintlock Buck

    Spikebuck, That answer remains unknown at this point. I will say, however, that the flintlock will make a showing at some point in time next season! I want to also add that this has been the nearest a deer has ever been to me at the time of the shot, and it was intense. We generally sit in box...
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    First Flintlock Buck

    Spence, On our place we have deer feeders that hold about 300 pounds of corn. They have 12 volt electric motors that are timed to go off twice a day to feed the deer. Baiting deer is legal in Texas.
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    First Flintlock Buck

    Thank you, gentleman, for all of the kind comments.
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    First Flintlock Buck

    By the end of September, every weekend in November had filled up with things that could not be avoided. By the middle of November, half of December was full as well. I was pretty down knowing that half of the deer season would be over by the time I'd get a chance to hunt. As the weekends...
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    What part of South Texas, Jeff?
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    Texas Hill Country Deer and Hog

    Thanks for all of the kind comments, gentlemen. Feral hogs have become a huge problem here in Texas. This was the fourth one shot in as many weeks on the place I hunt. Anyhow, as I was cutting up the shoulder that the ball exited, I realized the lower part of the shoulder blade had been broke...
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    Texas Hill Country Deer and Hog

    It's been a great Christmas break for putting some meat in the freezer. Christmas Eve is when this fair doe presented a shot. She stood broadside at about 60 yards when I pulled the trigger. The ball passed through just behind the shoulder. She ran some 50-60 yards before she expired. She...
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    Finally Broke In My Lyman GPR

    Pab1, I'm curious as to how much meat you lost due to taking out so many bones.