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    Screw issue - Traditions Frontier kit

    Starting my Frontier kit, went to pull the "backing plates" for the wedge (intend to brass black all the brass), looks like one of the screw is missing half its slot :( Once I get it out, should be an easy fix with a fine hacksaw blade - but how do I "finish" the slot? Right now I'm thinking...
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    Opinion on Hawken kits

    Somewhat of a moot point as neither is available right now, but thinking of one of these two for the 11 year old and I to put together. Opinions?
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    Checked the balls for size today

    Loaded up a couple of cylinders in each today to see if I’d get that nice shaved ring of leaf. The Walker and both of the 1860’s were fine with .451, the 1851 was fine with .380 Not sure I’m happy with .320 in the 1849, not much of a shave and the loading ram actually pulled the ball back out...
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    WANTED I need a .44 snub nose

    ok, looking at threads I see these are available on 1851 or 1860 platforms.. Choice? Is ASM a horrible choice? I can wait for ESM to get the 1860 version
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    Volume vs weigt

    Probably an OLD question but... 40+ years reloading metallic cartridges, powder is always by weight. Just getting into black powder, powder is now volume. My powder measure is calibrated in increments of 5 grains. If I want 18 grains, do I just measure the space between15 and 20 and scratch a...
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    Book recommendation

    Looking for a good book on early Colt revolvers, from the Patterson through the Single Action Army
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    Nipple grease

    The Birchwood Casey choke tube grease I ordered is on back order, is there something “common” I can use in the interim? Quite a bit of automotive greases on my shelf
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    Unobtainable Percussion caps 😡

    Can’t find the Remington #10 caps shippable anywhere :( Did a bit of research, it appears that the CCI #11 is a viable 2nd choice. Will be used with my 1851 Colt (Uberti) and 1858 Remington (Pietta) fffG powder. I will be upgrading the nipples on both pistols to SlikShot or similar Opinions?
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    New from Southern California

    Howdy! New member from Lakewood CA. All cartridge firearms currently, looking for an 1860 Remington .44 to start black powder (my hands are way too clean) Jeff