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    Percussion Cap Size

    I’ve recently purchased several older and antique percussion rifles. I hope to shoot them all. Is there a chart showing the dimensions of various nipples and what would be the correct cap size to be used with it? Thanks
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    powder in the pan ignites powder in chamber

    I have been under the impression, that the sparks from the burning priming powder ignited the powder in the chamber. I have experienced keeping the touch hole open and using the minimum of priming powder shortened the delay between, when the frizzen is struck and the gun goes off. I recently...
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    Pedersoli Now vs Earlier

    I was looking at a Pedersoli Tryon fos sale the other day. When I saw it was manufactured in the 80s I lost interest. For some reason I don’t think the older Pedersoli guns are as well made as the ones today. I think they have worked to improve their level of quality in recent years. Does anyone...
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    Silk Patches

    I just finished watching The Last of the Mohicans, again. Great movie! In it, silk is used to patch round balls and is said give them thirty more yards. Any fact to this? I think it’s a Hollywood invention. Years ago I had silk sock liners and once tried to dry them over a campfire. They just...
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    Access Heritage

    What is Access Heritage or Flintlock Muskets and Pistols Black Powder Muzzleloaders More specifically what are the facts about the guns they have for sale? They seem to have a large inventory. Are they Canadian (like the company) made or are they imports? India? What quality are they? Has anyone...
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    Shooting the Enfield' by David Minshall

    I was told there was a lot of good information available in this writing by David Minshal. I have been searching for it here and on the internet, but can’t seem to find it. Can someone tell me where to look so I may read or even purchase it if it is for sale? Thanks
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    Parker Hale 1853 Serial Number

    I received my Parker Hale 1853 Enfield today. It’s not in mint condition like some of the ones I’ve seen on YouTube. The only defects are some worn off bluing and a few tiny dings in the wood. All just the normal signs of use. The bore looks very good. This rifle was shot, but well taken care...
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    Enfield 1853 mould

    I just bought a Parker-Hale Enfield 1853. I am new to rifled muzzle loaders and appreciate all the help available to get me up to speed with this gun. I am looking at moulds and it seems they are all .575, so there is no decision making there. There seems to be a difference in shapes and...
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    Parker Hale vs Pedersoli

    How would a Parker Hale Replica from thirty or so years ago compare to a recent Pedersoli? I’m looking at an Enfield 1853. Thanks
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    Lead or Leather

    I recently read an article that said the best way to hold a flint in the cock, was with lead around it instead of leather. I’ve always used leather, but his argument made sense. A flint held in leather is always cushioned when it strikes the frizen. Lead holds the flint more solidly, improving...
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    What was this used for?

    I saw this gun for sale and since it is one of the more interesting I’ve seen, I thought I would post it. Sorry the ad is in French, but the pictures are what count.
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    1853 Enfield Clay plugs

    I recently was reading about the 1853 Enfield. In the article it mentioned, that during a rebellion in India, clay plugs were put in the bases of mini balls to help them expand, improving the seal. Does anyone have more information about this? Does anyone do this today? Has anyone ever tried it...
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    New Hawken

    Last week I bought a Chassepot needle gun. While negotiating I saw this Hawken and asked about it. It ended up making the deal go through. I have been thinking about getting a rifled percussion gun, but hadn’t yet done much research. It’s made by Ardesa in Spain. .45 cal. Is says Hawken R...
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    Round Balls in smooth Bores

    I am trying to understand obturation in smooth bores. What does it do? Supposedly the ball deforms to fill any ball and bore apace, keeping the most pressure behind the ball. That’s a reason for the ball being pure lead soft. This makes sense as the ball travels down the bore and should be...
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    Always be prepared when approaching shot game.

    A muzzle loader died after being attacked by a deer he shot. Take the time to reload and approach shot game with caution. Consider carrying a side arm.
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    Thumper question 1777 Charleville

    I have an original 1777 Charleville. It was made in 1815, so it didn’t see any wartime service and is in good condition. What to note about it is how strong the springs are. No one with experience with these guns have ever experienced springs as strong. I have installed a shim on the tumbler to...
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    Early 1763 Charleville

    Someone had asked me to find out information on the early model of the1763. I can’t seem to find the post, so I will reply here. I spoke with some people at a competition here in France last weekend and they know of this gun. To find out more information on it there are two possibilities. A...
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    Lyman 55 for measuring BP

    I have been told it is unsafe to measure BP in a Lyman 55 Powder measure. The thinking is the possible cutting action could ignite the powder. Is this true or not? Thanks
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    First Shots from Original French 1777

    Yesterday, after restoring an original 1777, I shot it for the first time. At 50 meters on a sand bag it was was all over the place. I shot five patched ( smaller than .69 cal.) and four unpatched .69 cal. Last week I shot a friend’s unpatched at a standings position and grouped pretty well...
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    Barrel Temperature

    How does a barrel heating up effect accuracy with a smooth bore?