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    Deerslayer Trigger issue

    I just replaced my factory Lyman percussion GPR trigger with a Deerslayer trigger. Now I have to set the trigger in order for the hammer to stay cocked, otherwise the hammer "freewheels" and won't catch at half cock nor full cock. It looks like the Deerslayer trigger bars sit higher in the...
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    First Flintlock Buck

    By the end of September, every weekend in November had filled up with things that could not be avoided. By the middle of November, half of December was full as well. I was pretty down knowing that half of the deer season would be over by the time I'd get a chance to hunt. As the weekends...
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    Texas Hill Country Deer and Hog

    It's been a great Christmas break for putting some meat in the freezer. Christmas Eve is when this fair doe presented a shot. She stood broadside at about 60 yards when I pulled the trigger. The ball passed through just behind the shoulder. She ran some 50-60 yards before she expired. She...
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    Double-patched Ball

    I am shooting a .54 GPR that my wife bought me almost three years ago. I have found a good load of 80 gr FFFg under a .530" ball with a patch made of an old flannel shirt measuring about .014" using my digital calipers. After shooting for a while, I am running low on this material. I do...
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    First Ever Squirrel Hunt

    It wasn't what I was out for, but the opportunity presented itself. My deer were not cooperating last weekend, but the squirrles were out in full force. These were shot this past Sunday and were in the skillet Monday evening. It was the first time that I have ever squirrel hunted with my...
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    A. Uberti Jedediah Smith .54 Rifle

    Good afternoon. Though this is my first post, I have been reading this board for a good while now. I own a percussion GPR in .54 cal. and enjoy the heck out of shooting it. I have come across a couple of rifles at a local pawn shop here in town. One of them is a T/C Renegade in .54 and an A...