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  1. forty_caliber

    .40's Kibler build

    I finished my Kibler build earlier this week. Earlier build photos are scattered in the "What did you do today" thread. I'd love to hear your thoughts and constructive criticism is welcome. Here are the latest pictures: .40
  2. forty_caliber

    Preparing to brown the barrel

    I'm getting ready to brown the barrel on my Kibler. I've got a bottle of Laurel Mountain browning solution that I'm planning to use. This is not something I've used before and I want to make sure I do this work correctly. I would appreciate any feedback that you may have. Another question...
  3. forty_caliber

    Need advice

    While building a flintlock I have a pin hole 1/16" diameter that has become elongated in the wood. Nothing wrong the pin is doing it's job, but it's ugly. What is a clever way to fix it? .40
  4. forty_caliber

    Is it just me or....

    Seems like flints are kinda hard to find. Looking for 5/8 x 3/4 black english flints. Where do source them? Would like to have a couple dozen on hand if possible. .40
  5. forty_caliber

    Please don't yell at me. It's just a question.

    I have a Kibler kit due to arrive in a week or so and have been (over) thinking about the assembly. I have the option to use an alternate finish on the metal parts through my local gunsmith. Has anyone tried ceracote finishes on BP rifles? How would it hold up over time? I realize it is...
  6. forty_caliber

    Shop Time

    Spent a little time out in the shop this morning. Cast about 250-300 .530RB. This is the first RB casting I've done since the .80s. Had a good time and it was a pleasant break from the usual metallic cartridge stuff I have been doing more recently. .40
  7. forty_caliber

    Howdy Y'all

    Just dropping by to say HOWDY! .40