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    Tennessee area gunsmith

    I've a brand new Pedersoli flintlock that needs some tuning of the lock (lighten the frizzen spring, I think will do it) and some stoning of a few sharp screw edges. Who can do it? Who do you recommend? Thanks!
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    Pedersoli Scout Rifle - Experiences

    Thanks! That's encouraging. I'm buying it for me and hope that it's light enough that I can persuade my wife to shoot it enough that she'll tell me to buy myself a new gun. LOL
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    Pedersoli Scout Rifle - Experiences

    Thanks for the response. Didn't know they offered kits. Post a picture when it's finished?
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    Pedersoli Scout Rifle - Experiences

    Thanks for the response. I appreciate it! And I can understand the 70-year-old eyes bit...I'm 81.
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    Pedersoli Scout Rifle - Experiences

    Thanks for the response! And for the video. I really appreciate you responding so quickly.
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    Pedersoli Scout Rifle - Experiences

    I'm looking at buying the Pedersoli Scout Rifle, but haven't found much information about it. Anyone have experience or knowledge about it? Thanks!
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    possible bag info

    That's about as useful a response as I've seen in many years...and I've been shooting muzzleloaders for over 40 years!
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    Women of the fur trade

    Does this mean that "Women of the Fur Trade" is no longer a functioning organization?
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    Women of the fur trade

    Women of the Fur Trade is the American Mountain Men's women's "division". Great site with lots of good information. Use this link: Women of The Fur Trade (right click then select "open link in new tab")
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    Hello from Eastern KY

    Welcome from middle Tennessee and the Tennessee Muzzleloader Facebook page.
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    18th century rifle scabbard?

    Here's the link Flintlock was talking about. The internet search was "Of sorts for provincials". Of Sorts for Provincials: Gun Sacks and Gun Cases
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    Correct Use of a Knapping Hammer

    Thanks! I'll look for it.
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    Middle TN Shooters

    Nutnfancy, I'm TNsourdough. I'm in Watertown. I also run the Tennessee Muzzleloaders Facebook page. Come join us!
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    What was in their pockets and packs?

    I'd think sauerkraut would be hard to carry as a trail food, but could be used as a camp food.
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    Correct Use of a Knapping Hammer

    If you can send me that "photobucket" video, I may be able to re-format it. No promises, but I'll give it my best shot. Send it to
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    What was in their pockets and packs?

    I'll bet he doesn't have any pockets, but carries most of it in his hunting pouch, his blanket roll, or tucked inside his hunting shirt.
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    Amusing/Ridiculous Muzzleloading Misconceptions...

    Asked when shooting my 48" barreled Pennsylvania rifle: Did the make really long barrels because the powder wasn't very good?
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    Hi there

    Welcome from Tennessee Muzzleloaders FB Group.
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    Hello, my name is Bill Rowe, looking at retirement, I have been into Muzzle loading for almost 50 years, and hope to get more involved.

    Welcome, Bill! If you're close to Tennessee, us Tennessee Muzzleloaders would sure like it if you'd get in touch.
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    New Member

    Welcome from middle Tennessee! Where do you hang your hat when it's not on your head?