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    Bladesmith wanted

    I'm looking for someone that can make me 2 tomahawk. PM me & I'll give you the details of what I want.
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    Cutting a crescent?

    I'm going to restock my T/C Hawken with a maple pre-inlet stock. I'm going to need to cut in for the buttplate. What is the best process to do this? Thanks!
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    Favorite squirrel rifle

    What's your favorite squirrel rifle caliber? I've seen guys post they love their 32s & others want 36s
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    T/C Hawken Stock

    Hello! I'm wanting to restock my Hawken with a curly maple stock. I don't have a lot of experience but I feel I have enough to do this project. Track doesn't have their fancy maple stock in stock. Is there another place that offers an inletted & pre-carved stock like Track offers? Thanks!
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    Flint Striker

    I apologize if this is in the wrong place, admin please move if you disapprove. I'm going to have a new flint striker made by a friend of mine & I'd like something kind of fancy. Could you guys post some pictures of some fancier ones you've made or seen? Thanks!
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    New sight needed?

    I've been shooting my T/C Hawken with the 54 cal Green Mountain drop in barrel getting ready for a hunt in Northern Missouri in December. I had it dialed in at 100 yds, cleaned it, brought it out this morning for the regular firearms opener & missed 2 does within the 100 yard mark. Brought it in...
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    Pietta 1858 New Army

    The local hock shop has one they're asking $215 put the door for. Cylinder and barrel are rusty. They can be cleaned easily enough. This seems kind of high to me given the shape it's in. Please advise as I'm looking to get a revolver. Thanks!
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    Twist question

    I have a T/C Hawken with a Green Mountain 1:66 twist barrel. I know this is a round ball barrel but I'm curious to know if it would shoot something like Buffalo Bullets or would I be better off to find a faster twist? It's a 54 cal that's 15/16 across the flats. I think I'd be hard pressed to...
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    WANTED Derringer

    I am in search of a derringer to carry on my suspenders. I've seen some that are short but I'd like to find one with a longer barrel. If you know of something along these lines I'd appreciate some info. If you have one you'd like to sell, please PM me.
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    Putting a map on a horn

    If this is in the wrong place, please forgive me & move it to where it needs to be. I've been trying to find some history behind why they put a map on their horn. Not having much luck & hoping y'all could point me in the right direction. I'd like to make one myself of my place & add to it as I...
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    Old horns?

    These are a pair of old horns that were still on the skull hanging in an old shed of a family member. Is it possible that they would clean up & make powder horns? The butt ends are pretty scaley & brittle. Thanks!
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    SOLD Kentucky Pistol

    45 caliber. I thought it was a Traditions but I don't see a name on it. I've been asking $200 or best offer so send me some offers. I have fired this gun so I know it works.
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    New stocks

    I am thinking about building new stocks for the 3 guns I have. I'm thinking of starting with my Kentucky pistol. Any advice from the guys that have done this? I'm looking at curly maple with the barrel channel & ramrod hole already done. I'd have to do the rest & finish of course .
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    Trigger change?

    I have a Cherokee in 32. I'm wondering if I can change from the single trigger to the double triggers without a lot of hassle? I'd like to make it look like a mini Hawken if it's possible. Thanks!
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    Question about the T/C Cherokee

    The one I bought has a single trigger. I've looked at a lot of pictures of them & see the double trigger. Did T/C change at some point when making them or did I get a different stock with a Cherokee barrel? How difficult would it be to put the double trigger in this gun?
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    32 caliber accessories

    Where is the best place to find accessories for a 32 caliber? I'm needing patches, balls, nipple wrench etc.
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    SOLD Hawken

    50 cal T/C Hawken. Barrel is pitted but I believe it will shoot ok. Dark cherry type finish on the stock. I'm asking $200. Buyer pays actual shipping via UPS or USPS whichever you prefer.
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    SOLD 12 Guage CVA

    CVA Trapper 12 gauge with modified barrel. Shoots fine & gun is in great condition. I'm asking $200. Buyer pays actual shipping via UPS or USPS whichever you prefer.
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    T/C Cherokee

    Anyone have a pet load for a 32 cal Cherokee & what is the twist on them? I've bought one just waiting for it to be delivered.
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    Ramrod question

    I bought a rought T/C Hawken to clean up & sell. The ramrod is broken in half. How would a guy go about taking the ends off to fit them to a hardwood dowel? I'm going to refinish the stock anyway. Also, I'm finding 45 engraved on some of the brass. Could this have been a kit gun? The barrel is a...