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    howdy im charlie

    That's a slick adaptation.
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    Bullet trap/backstop

    I was told that shooting into the ends of lengths of large diameter logs works and burning the logs is supposed to allow the melted lead to puddle in the bottom of the fire pit.
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    What I do during "Lockdown".

    I figured out how to do that in a couple minutes however, using it could have unintended consequences! :)
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    Price for round balls near you?

    My 530 balls run $2.35 per hundred to cast my own.
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    howdy im charlie

    That must be a heavy 32!!
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    howdy im charlie

    I built one of those from an American made kit. It was an excellent shooter. Still is since I passed it on to one of the grandkids. Anyway, you asked about loads. I found that it shot equally well with 80 to 100 grains of 2f goex. It started off cloverleafs at 50 yards ( benched) and kept...
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    Price question

    If you step up and buy it, 15 years from now you probably won't remember what you paid for it but you will remember the times you had. So its only about what its worth to you.
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    Barrel lapping question

    You will never remove those machine marks with scotch brite. FWIW, it's not really necessary to remove them. If the rifling doesn't cut patches, nothing is needed. All the economy rifles (CVA, Traditions, Investarms) have that residual machining evidence to some degree. You can lap them...
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    Italian Made Guns

    I don't think buying one rifle constitutes hoarding. :) Regarding kits, you can buy a Kibler kit for a couple hundred more than a GPR. For $1050 you can get a kit far superior to any Italian kit pedersoli included and it will go together easier than a Lyman kit.
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    When you are being interviewed by ANY leo for ANY reason choose your words and choice of what to disclose or reply to carefully. Regardless of how innocent you are or THINK you are, their report is written to convict. That's their job.
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    What I do during "Lockdown".

    Ames, you make nice stuff. :)
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    who all likes the carbines?

    I had a Deerhunter with a 24" barrel but gave it to a grandson. Too short for my eyes! Have a TC hawken with a 28 and a renegade with 58 cal TC hawken barrel that is 28. A GPR with it's 32 is much easier on my eyes but I'm slowly getting a 54 built with a 42" barrel.
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    What I do during "Lockdown".

    I'm making shooting bags, doing gun mods and repairs and building bows for my granddaughters. Really just the same ol same ol since I'm retired. My wife's health is poor so we are not having anybody in the house. The daughter and some of the grandkids came over yesterday and we sat at...
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    The shotgun plug stories reminded me of a time I and a friend were at the car having lunch during a dove hunt. We were in the parking area of a public hunting area so it was not unexpected that a warden would drive up to check us. He first checked our dove counts and then asked to see our...
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    Easy to Make Target Board

    I'd cut it 1" :)
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    .54 round ball rifling?

    Well, don't take any of this personally, but I'm in the "poo poo" camp. :) The dynamics of stabilizing a ball or bullet come into play after the projectile leaves the muzzle. It's not reflecting on the length of the barrel it just exited or looking back to decide how it should behave...
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    Tape or.....?

    I shot for years without using anything. I found it easier to remove the nipple with the anti seize so its the way I do it now.
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    Tape or.....?

    I got no idea of what the facts are on this, but, is there any evidence of olive oil being commonly available in colonial America or post colonial America?
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    When I was a kid I spent my summers living with grandparents a couple miles out of a very small town. There was an incident where two men escaped from a state prison and were thought to be holed up in the woods near town. It was night time and the state police, county sheriff and town marshal...
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