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  1. J

    Today's hunt.

    Well done! todd
  2. J

    this year's mule deer buck

    Nice buck! Nice muzzy! Todd
  3. J

    Leather Over Powder Wads.

    I do a bit of custom leather work and have a huge supply of scrap leather... I'm sure I'm not the only person who has ever thought of using leather for an over powder wad, but it seems to be working well. I bought a cheap Chinese made 14 mm hole punch of the big online retailer and it seems...
  4. J

    FOR SALE FS: CVA Hawken .50cal

    I’m plenty interested... I’m still in the poor house though. It’s a beautiful rifle. Todd
  5. J

    Anybody else prefer a 1-48” twist?

    If you read the post, you would see the wad was behind a conical.. I don’t use a felt was with PRB though I have tried it. I like a chunk of hornets nest just to keep the powder lube free. I never liked the idea of putting lube on the powder. Especially for several days at a time during hunting...
  6. J

    Anybody else prefer a 1-48” twist?

    It’s just a standard T/C factory Hawken. Todd
  7. J

    Anybody else prefer a 1-48” twist?

    yes, they really seem too! More testing to come!
  8. J

    Anybody else prefer a 1-48” twist?

    There may not be very many... but I admire your confidence in speaking for the World Wide Web.
  9. J

    Anybody else prefer a 1-48” twist?

    I do. I like to shoot PRB’s but I like to hunt with conicals. Being a hunter that likes to shoot, I really like the standard 1-48” twist. I recently got into casting and I’ve really enjoyed making my own bullet/ball fodder. The balls actually seem more accurate than store bought balls. Maybe...
  10. J

    FOR SALE FS: CVA Hawken .50cal

    What a time to be financially embarrassed! Nice work! I’d love to own this.... C’mon payday! Todd
  11. J

    Is It Just Me?

    We are all in this together. Do you and what you enjoy. If something bothers you, ignore it. No need to look down your nose and speak with a fake British accent about it. I’m in the market for a new .50. I’ve found a few in my price range with holes drilled in the barrel. I chose to pass on...
  12. J

    First Flintlock Iowa Buck

    Well Done! Except for the steaks, those go medium rare! Todd
  13. J

    FOR SALE More Bobcats

    I need to make a public apology to Mark, We worked out a deal for these through P.M. and for the first time in over a decade of buying from internet classifieds, I need to back out. I'm just not going to be able to get to the post office for a (please don't debate or comment about the use of...
  14. J

    Big Pig

    Nice! Sweet hunt! Congrats! Todd
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