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  1. josie wales

    Poison Round Balls

    I have been carrying a #1 buckshot pellet in my thigh since I was 15 years old. I am 69 now and don't even know it's there. The Doctor at the time (country Doctor) told me it would cause more problems if he tried to take it out.
  2. josie wales

    .54 Power & Range?

    When I was younger (a lot younger) I shot at a doe that was in her bed. I hit it and tracked it for most of the day until I found her. I knew I had a good enough hit because of the blood trail and she stayed going down hill and stopping to lay in a brook. The next day my son paced off the shot...
  3. josie wales

    Ten year old loaded Hawken?

    I agree with the CO2 discharger. It is not only the best way but safest also.
  4. josie wales

    Casting round balls

    I have a lot of trouble with 7.7 BHN in starting the ball. I had to work on different patching thickness and lube so not to deform the ball. Cold weather made it very difficult. Sometimes I had to use a hammer to start the damn thing. Went to pure lead and all the problems were resolved(roofing...
  5. josie wales

    WD-40 Test

    I am a believer in FF! I been using it on my guns for years now and no sign of rust. Also makes a good hand conditioner if you like the smell of a sheep barn. It drives the country girls crazy much as English Leather did years ago.
  6. josie wales

    Vinegar's role in 18th-19th cooking

    There was an episode of "Gunsmoke" Where Doc was searching for vinegar because a family had scurvy.
  7. josie wales

    Rabbit recipes ?

    Surprised nobody uses a pressure cooker for rabbit. 1) two rabbits skinned cleaned...remove hind legs, front legs and the back. 2) soak overnight in water with a little baking soda 3) arrange in cooker with basket in place 4) a pinch of sage.thyme,couple bay leaves,salt.pepper and a few celery...
  8. josie wales

    WD-40 Test

    PHD=Push Here Dummy
  9. josie wales

    what oil to use?

    Years ago when hunting rabbits and or ducks on wet rainy days, I would , the night before, take my Browning A-5 apart and used Butcher's paste wax on all exposed metal parts. I never after 50 years of hunting had spotting from rust. It is a lot cheaper and probably safer than all the wonder oils...
  10. josie wales

    What is your main use for your muzzle loaders?

    What I mean is I do not feel I have a great handicap carrying my Renegade in the woods after White Tail deer.At the range my 30-06 will group 3/4" with Nosler Partition on top of Varget. It will place every shot in the 3' black. The Renegade with 100 grains of FFG black will put every shot in...
  11. josie wales

    What is your main use for your muzzle loaders?

    My 10 ga Pedersoli double is out and about every Turkey is a Tom Buster. My Thompson .54 Renegade is out after deer as soon as shotgun season ends. The .56 smoothbore barrel is left in the closet ever since we were able to use rifled barrels. The .54 barrel is a Green Mountain barrel...
  12. josie wales

    SOLD For sale Pedersoli 10 gauge shotgun with screw in chokes, New and unfired!

    This is a VERY good deal. If I didn't have one I would be all over this. I paid (NIB) $800.00 plus shipping off Gunbroker 10 years ago and that was a good deal! It is my favorite Turkey gun and even had a few Goose dinners with it. Just understand it is not a true 10 gauge....more of an 11 gauge.
  13. josie wales

    what oil to use?

    I second Fluid Film, I use it for all my guns even the closet queens that I never check. I also have my truck undercoated with it and use it as a hand lotion in the winter.
  14. josie wales

    BP Substitute Questions

    I travel over 100 miles to get black and never thought of it as a problem.It is a day spent with the wife and we find a good restaurant (The Stage in NH). I consider it a fall powder and leaf peeping trip. I believe there is NO!!!!!! substitute for real black.
  15. josie wales

    Lead ball casting

    Here is what I use for checking the hardness of your lead. It is cheap....all you need is a scale,(I use an 100# postal scale), a drill press, a ball bearing of a known diameter and a caliper. It is accurate. Check YOUTUBE for the exact procedure...
  16. josie wales

    A Brother In The NE Needs A Squirrel Recipe

    I grew up eating Squirrels(gray). Every Sunday my Grandmother would cook whatever I brought home and have a big dinner (usually rabbits and Squirrels). I was a teen so I would skin the tree rats and save the front and rear legs and the backs. She would pressure cook them with chicken...
  17. josie wales

    Conicals work in a 1:66” twist?

    I have a Green Mountain .54 cal 1-66 twist on my Renegade and it will not shoot Hornady Great Plains conicals. It is a tack driver with patched round balls. I tried several different combinations with no luck. I should say the barrel is a "Round Ball Special" , The round balls I use are made by...
  18. josie wales

    Pedersoli Strikes Again

    Yes just camp tape. I know really ugly but Turkeys can see very good. I just always need an edge.
  19. josie wales

    Pedersoli Strikes Again

    This is turkey #3 for the Pedersoli 10 gauge. Turkey was 17 pounds 3/4" spurs. The distance was 35 yards and first shot broke the wing and needed a follow up shot.
  20. josie wales

    Barrel and Stock Question

    I have a Thompson Center renegade I have been using during the MA muzzle loading season for over 30 years. I replaced the .56 smoothbore when the law changed with a Green Mountain .54 round ball special.Now that Thompson sold out to the evil empire S&W parts have just about dried up for the...
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