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    Pedersoli White Hawk

    Anyone own or shoot a White Hawk? Seems more of a toy but interesting.
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    Nipple seems too loose

    I acquired a Investarms Hawken recently that seems to have a nipple thread that is too loose. I have tried several different nipples of the appropriate size and the nipple is loose until it bottoms out on the final thread? Can the nipple threads in the rifle be drilled and re-tapped?
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    Tang sight definitions

    Good morning I have two questions involving tang sights. 1. What is the difference between short, mid and long range tang sights? What range, in yardage does each refer to? 2. How do I determine if a tang sight will mount properly to me rifle and which sight would work? Specifically a Jonathan...
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    WANTED Underhammer Kit

    I have found myself interested in underhammers? I have searched for kits but to no avail. Pistol or rifle kit will do.
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    Nipple size for Investarms Hawken.

    I recently acquired a Investarms Hawken carbine in 50 cal. The barrel is 23 inches from muzzle to breach block. The stock is a nice figured walnut. The nipple is missing? Anyone know what size nipple should it require? Thanx
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    Proper prep for a new to me used GPR prior to shooting

    I have a number of used percussion rifles that I have recently acquired. What steps should I take to 1.) insure they are not loaded 2.) proper scrubbing and preping for the range 3.) What lock maintenance should be done, if any?
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    Another new old guy in Tennessee.

    After over 50 years I have gotten back to black powder and looking forward to it.