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  1. TreeMan

    FOR SALE Lyman Signature Series Great Plains by Pedersoli

    I’d say that 9.4 lbs is correct. I tried to weight it holding it on a bathroom scale. It came in right around 10lbs. Not the most precise scale for that.
  2. TreeMan

    Ackerman Arms

    He hardened a frizzen for me. Great guy and very fair with his prices.
  3. TreeMan

    FOR SALE Lyman Signature Series Great Plains by Pedersoli

    I might regret this but I’m gonna let this rifle go. It’s a beautiful rifle but it’s way too heavy for what I want to use it for with an old shoulder injury. 10+ pounds. This is a new Lyman Great Plains Signature Series by Pedersoli I bought a few months ago. 54 caliber with 1/66 twist. I’ve...
  4. TreeMan

    Ardesa Mountain Rifle

    Ardesa makes Traditions Branded muzzleloaders.
  5. TreeMan

    My local walmart muzzleloading regulations sign

    I was told cabelas is doing the same thing on ALL of their muzzleloaders. It’s a cover their butt thing I reckon. Cabelas won’t ship muzzleloaders directly to you anymore either. You must purchase in store.
  6. TreeMan

    SOLD William Parker pistol

    I took this one in on a trade a while back and I’ve never shot it. It is pretty but I’d rather use the money on other fun flintlock stuff! If I was going to keep it, my ocd would have me filing all that “read directions use blackpowder only blah blah blah” crap off of the barrel. Traditions...
  7. TreeMan

    SOLD 1851 Navy Sheriff .36 Black Powder Revolver

    He’s been on the forum this week according to his profile. I’d be leery from buying from someone that ignores inquiries.
  8. TreeMan

    SOLD William Parker pistol

    Long discontinued Traditions William Parker 50cal pistol. This one has seen some use. Some discoloration on the polished barrel and lock. Some light roughness on exterior of muzzle. Bore is bright and shiny. Original walnut stock finish has been nicely removed and oil refinished. Small crack...
  9. TreeMan

    Pushing Daisies Patches - Issue?

    You’re getting there. Are you cleaning between shots or using lots of lube? Those shots that keep climbing higher are a sign of a progressively fouled barrel in my experience.
  10. TreeMan

    Stuck ball in a charged rifle

    So you don’t have this issue again prior to shooting remove your nipple and blast all that leftover oil from your barrel and drum with brake cleaner. Let it evaporate and go to shooting. Use real blackpowder for best results.
  11. TreeMan

    Stuck ball in a charged rifle

    If it makes you more comfortable, before attempting to pull the ball remove the nipple and fill the drum with your ballistol. That will totally douse the powder.
  12. TreeMan

    Stuck ball in a charged rifle

    Pull the nipple and force as much black power in there as possible. Reinstall the nipple and fire it. If that doesn’t work use a puller. It won’t hurt anything. If you can’t get the powder to ignite with a cap you’re not going to ignite it pulling the ball out.
  13. TreeMan

    SOLD 1863 Remington “Zouave” Euroarms

    Last go around here before it goes on gunbroker.
  14. TreeMan

    Military rifles minie vs round ball.

    The younger brother to my 1803 Rifle shoppe Harpers ferry. Both great rifles! My 1803 is my favorite deer rifle.
  15. TreeMan

    Discharge while loading

    Another good reason to swab between shots.
  16. TreeMan

    Max range

    My gun will probably shoot better than what the single bead sight will allow me to achieve. 50 yards or less for me.
  17. TreeMan

    SOLD Ruger Old Army Stainless

    My 1989 made Ruger OA is the most accurate handgun I’ve ever owned including modern ones. Someone may fuss at me but I’ve not met an Italian gun yet that will hold a candle to a Ruger in the accuracy dept. I’ve tried quite a few and was always disappointed. Good find hrt4me you won’t be...
  18. TreeMan

    SOLD Ruger Old Army Stainless

    Dang I missed this one!!