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    Interested to read the above re tallow. We use it in the Boatyard on traditional Yacht rigging and it seems to keep forever. I use it mixed with beeswax in my g g lead rounds in my Sharps 45/70. Good to know I'm not the only one. Shoot Black and Not Black, seems to work with both. Steamjohn
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    Hello from Nottingham in the UK.

    join the Muzzle Loader's Association of Great Britain, they shoot M.L shotguns
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    Hello from the UK

    Zonie, May I say I was surprised and gratified that after your statement at 1051 last Thursday you allowed my comments to see the light of day. It was also gratifying to receive a few observations in support of my plea, especially the detailed and eloquent input from jimhallam, (admittedly a...
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    Hello from the UK

    Sir, I think it is a shame that an aside re the use of smokeless powder which any of us in the UK wishing to shoot M L Revolvers on an indoor range are obliged to use, is deleted from a very interesting forum.. I have been a member of the MLAGB for many years and shoot an early Parker Hale...