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    Merry Christmas to all and families.
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    loosing weight

    My smoothbore weighs almost 8 pounds. I cut the barrel down to 36 inches from 42. Besides shortening it again does anyone have suggestions to make it lighter?
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    My plumbers furnace died. It's old and no parts are available to fix it. I am looking at buying a , gulp, electric pot. I am looking at the Lyman and Lee dipping furnaces. I have no experience with them, so any help would be appreciated. The only thing I I considered was the amount of lead that...
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    Took a walk down to the edge of the laurel swamp, that I've been hunting for the last 20 years. I started to see orange tape on the branches. Now there is an old logging road not 100 yds. from the swamp. As i got closer to the swamp I see what looks like a barber pole. That's when I see what...
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    What Happened

    Took my smoothie out today for the first time in about a year. Old age and arthritis, and other problems wont allow me to move to well any more. This gun has never failed me in the past. It's an early Virginia smooth bore. This was my first build, I bought it from Jack Garner. It only cost $400...
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    4F powder

    I still have a can of 4F that I bought some years back. Since I only carry one horn and prime and load from it. My normal load is 70 gr. of 3F in my 20 ga. . I was thinking of using the 4F as a main charge just to use it up. Any Ideas on how much I should reduce my load to shoot up my 4F? Hey...
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    Has anyone found a lube that approximates the original Lehigh Valley Lube? I am running out. some years back we got 15 paper patched rounds through our 20 ga. sommthies beore we even started to feel any resistance. The rust resistance was fantastic. Left a previously fired rifle un cleaned for...
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    I am just about out of my Lehigh Valley Lube. This was the best lube I've ever used. I kept my muzzleloaders lubed with it and never had a rust problem, even letting them sit after firing them for weeks without cleaning. When working up paper cartridges for my smoothie I got 15 shots before even...
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    Pedersoli Kentucky

    I found a lock from an Ultra-HI Harpers Ferry. With a little carving and filing on the lock mortice it should fit. The lock is a cheaply made one, but it beats no lock at all. The Kentucky is a 50 cal. when I get the funds I will have it bored out to a 54 cal. smoothie. In this part of PA 50...
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    Barrel browning

    What are your home made solutions for browning a barrel?
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    new tumbler

    I have a Pedersoli Kentucky that must be 30 years old. The half cock notch kept breaking. I welded it up and recut the half cock notch, and re-hardened it a few times. I contacted Flintlocks Etc. who is a Pedersoli distributer, and was told that these locks and parts are no longer available...
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    Old age no fun

    I found out yesterday that my Virginia fowler has become too heavy for me, I have cut the barrel down to 36 in. last year to help reduce the weight. It seems to me that todays barrels are very heavy compared to originals I have seen. I don't want to shorten the barrel any more. Most of the work...
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    powder horn hole

    what is the usual diameter of a the hole in a powder horn ?
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    Rust buster storage

    I am going to mix up some acetone and dextron-micron. I know that acetone makes some plastics gooey, what do you store your mixture in?
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    Barrel center line

    What is the best way to find the center line of a round barrel when mounting a front sight?
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    barrel thickness

    I have been to Dixon's many times, I always look at the used 19th century smooth bores. The muzzle ends of their barrels look almost thin enough to shave with. Can anyone explain why with the modern and stronger steels we have today the smoothbore barrels of to day are so heavy compared to those...
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    1 f powder

    If 3f powder is reduced 10% to equal a load of 2f, how much should I increase a load of 1 f to approximate the 2f load? :hmm:
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    metal ramrod

    I would like to use a steel ramrod on my fowler. The thimbles are an easy fix, but the entry thimble and hole in the stock will require more thought. So far I am thinking of staining a dowel to match the stock, drill a 1/4 in. hole through it and epoxy into the entry thimble. Anyone have an...
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    Soft Round balls versus hardened round balls

    I am about to start casting balls for my 20 ga. I am debating whether to harden them or not. I prefer a pass through shot which gives 2 holes to bleed out from. I will be using a .595 ball and see no need for expansion. Am I on the right track? :hmm:
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    paper cartridges

    Just curious I haven't seen any mention of paper cartridges? I like them for hunting, as I can get a faster second shot if needed. When we first tried them we used a fairly heavy art paper, a .585 ball and original Lehigh Valley lube. we consistently got 15 shots before we felt any resistance...