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    Finishing a 1851 navy kit

    I should be getting a brass cva 1851 navy kit next week or so, how should I finish it,
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    Possibles bag patterns

    Anyone have patterns for making a possible bag, the one for the day hunt not the bigger one that would be kept on a horse or something. I made a simple bag a few years ago as a test, made from old truck tarp but it's synthetic. I'd like to make the same thing either from canvas or leather, I...
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    What smoothbore would you get next?

    What's the next sb/ Fowler you would like to get, be it a kit or already built?
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    Pillow ticking as a cleaning patch

    Can pillow ticking work as a cleaning patch.
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    Horn kits?

    I've been working out of a powder flask and like to get a horn, I think it would be nice to build the horn from a kit or something. Are there any good kits out there, I don't mind if there a lot of work, especially if I can save some money. So what kit would you recommend, or is it better to...
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    Should i just buy the mold?

    I have to order some round balls for that smoothbore Hopkins and Allen underhammer, I think the .662 will be good. There about $13 for 25 plus about $10 or so for shipping. Should I just order the Lyman mold, I see guys use the .662 in a 12ga shot was in there shotguns so there another use for...
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    Help pick a barrel for my underhammer.

    I'm thinking of getting a barrel for the numrich h&a underhammer I got, it wears a 15ga smoothbore round barrel at the moment. I'd like a rifled barrel for hunting, I'm thinking a 45 will be nice. Really any bigger and I think the recoil my crack the thin wrist. But the bigger bore would take...
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    A lot of bear around this year.

    I've seen more bear this year then I have in probably the last ten years, I need to get some round balls ordered for my smooth bore soon. I've seen a few bear this week during the day and a few at night driving to. Me and a buddy make a small hunting blind on his small property with a food plot...
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    Patch knife?

    Maybe a dumb question but what makes a good patch knife, is there a particular style blade or edge that works best. I've seen some patch knife builders kits, they look like a fun project or what one would you recommend.
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    Got my h&a under hammer back today.

    Stoped by a friend's house today and and he gave me back my numrich hopkins and Allen underhammer. This one has a about 15ga smooth bore or that's what I think it is. Any ways it's .680 bore. So I need to get some round balls to try, probably use it for deer season since its my only muzzleloader...
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    Lead supply

    For those of you that cast, we're are you getting your softer lead.
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    .36 or .45

    If this would be better elsewhere please move it. This will be for the future some time, could be this fall or next year. I'm looking at getting a kibler, southern mountain rifle. Only thing is for deer we need .44 cal or bigger to hunt deer, but I really want to .try a 36 I really like...
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    WANTED Looking for cheap mz or kit for deer season

    I've been trying to save up for a nice kit to do before deer mz season starts here in middle December. But may have to get a cheap project gun I can fix up to use. So any gun that may need work or that's not vaulble should work. Needs to be 44 cal and up smooth or rifled. Percussion or flint...
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    All around sb for hunting?

    What's a good smoothbore flintlock you would recommend for a all around gun, for Turkey here in ny we need 20ga for bigger so a 62 is probably what is get.would be used for deer closer in, I know round ball can be pretty accurate with some work. I'd like to use it for small game to.
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    Mz from new york?

    What are some of the muzzleloaders made in N.Y. Flint or percussion.
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    SOLD Wts,410 monkey gun, n.y

    410 percussion made in Belgium. These as often called monkey guns. Has proof marks, I loaded a small load and all seemed fine. It's a neat little gun and very light. Asking $200 plus shipping.USPS money order seems best. Any questions just ask
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    WANTED Cheap cap & ball revolver kit?

    Looking for a cheap revolver kit, I really don't mind which models. I'd like a kit that needs some work, not just the ones where the steel is blued and you just polish it. Are there any where you need to draw file the barrel and fit the parts. I seen a nice uberti walker kit but it was over...
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    round ball fit for smooth bores

    What is the proper fit for a round ball, I guess it does matter if it's patched or just waded. I am looking for a ball for my 15ga it's bore is .677.
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    Kit gun for winter?

    I was thinking of getting a semi budget gun kit for the winter, I've Dunn cheap kits before and some gunsmith work. What are the recommended kits. I still don't know what to get, I'd like a squirrel rifle in 32 or maybe 36 witch is better. I was thinking maybe a fouler I guess a 20/69 I don't...
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    15ga and 410 loads?

    I have a Hopkins and Allen underhammer that has a round 15ga barrel. What would be a good starting load, and I have a Belgium made 410ga I am thinking of starting with 30 grains and the same volume shot. I use pyrodex since I live in New york, I have #6 and 7 1\2 shot. I'd like to hunt with...