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  1. kansas_volunteer

    Walking stick glue

    Only indirectly ML related, but I have a very old walking stick that needs some glue. It is black thorn, and there is a silver plate with my GG granfater's name engraved. The plate was atttached where the palm of a hand would rest. That plate has come off. There was clearly some sort of glue...
  2. kansas_volunteer

    Resin for varnish

    Refering to this article https://www.muzzleblasts.com/archives/vol5no2/articles/mbo52-1.shtml What resins would be best used in brown varnish, the first recipe listed? Skimming the article a couple of times I don't see anything specific mentioned as a brown colorant. A varnish finish is what...
  3. kansas_volunteer

    Help find lock

    I'm shopping for a flintlock to use on an Adan Angstad inspired poor boy I mentioned a while back. It needs to be as plain as can be. Locking online at the usual suspects and in a paper Track catalog I don't find exactly what I'm looking for. It needs to have a plain unornamented plate, round...
  4. kansas_volunteer

    Ozark made guns

    What can you tell me about Ozark-made guns? The region extends through Missouri, Arkansas and a bit of Eastern Oklahoma. What sort of guns would settlers have brought to the region?
  5. kansas_volunteer

    Moden guns overpriced

    When the government bought the 1792 contract rifles $12 was paid for each. Take a look at this. https://www.in2013dollars.com/us/inflation/1792?endYear=2020&amount=12 Adjusted for inflation a $12 rifle should now cost $323.13. The contract rifles were the most basic Lancaster style rifles then...
  6. kansas_volunteer

    Suggest a flintlock

    I need to by a flintlock for one of my rifle building projects. I'll basically be copying a poor boy by Adam Angstat. I'm not experienced enought with flintlocks to know what to buy. The rifle will have a single trigger. The Chambers Golden Age lock is supposed to work well with single...
  7. kansas_volunteer

    Wages and incomes 1790s

    Has anyone ever researched how much people earned in the 1790s? I'm thinking wages for laborers in the citjes and income from farming where an hourly or daily wage wouldn't have been earned. I've been reading up on the 1792 contract rifles made for the US government in Lancaster. They cost $12...
  8. kansas_volunteer

    Case hardening

    How can i case harden parts and get a dappled grey look without the colors?
  9. kansas_volunteer

    GPR poured nose cap

    I was fiddling with things today and got to wondering if a half stock flinter plains rifle might have had a pewter nose cap. I'm thinking now of the GPR beinging a generic plains rifle, not especially a Hawken. I know there is debate about half stock Hawken flinters so I won't go there. Eastern...
  10. kansas_volunteer

    To do with a flask

    I'm working on a new bag, i want to use a flask with it, one of those with rings for suspending it. Would you use cord or thongs attached directy to the bag strap, or a separate strap or cord to hold the flask alone?
  11. kansas_volunteer

    Hammer removal tool

    Somewhere I've seen a tool for pulling hammers off locks when dissembling the lock. It is sort of a pincher thing that is tighted by a screw to wedge under the hammer and pop it loose. Is anyone familiar with this? Know where i can get one? Can't find one at Track.
  12. kansas_volunteer

    Lamp wick shoulder strap

    I'm planning a new shooting bag. I'm wondering if lamp wick might make a good shoulder strap. Lamp wick would have been a commomly available webbing in days of yore. What do you think? Alternatively I'd use hemp webbing.
  13. kansas_volunteer

    Aging brass

    It seems as often as someone asks about polishing brass someone asks about aging brass.This should help those tarnished souls. https://oillampparts.com/patina.html
  14. kansas_volunteer

    Along Hushpukney Creek

    I'm thinking about getting into reenacting again. I'm too old to play the young buck along the Santa Fe Trail like I used to. I think maybe portraying one of my ancestors, or perhaps someone who might have been a neighbor. In 1854 three sets og my GG grandparents settled near what is now...
  15. kansas_volunteer

    Putting decoration on pouch

    I want to make a new pouch out of some lighter weight, fairly flexible leather i think will be perfect for it. I'd like to decorate it. Ive I've seen lots of pictures of leather pouches with designs sort of tooled or scratched in. The designs I see in pictures don't appear to be carved as one...
  16. kansas_volunteer

    Lead finish

    When reading through the Association of Ohio Long Rifle Collectors newsletters i found an interesting sentence. It said the barrel of one rifle was not browned as a particular smith usually did, but that the barrel had a rubbed lead finish which left the barrel bright. Ive nevernheard of that...
  17. kansas_volunteer

    Credit card rejected by Dutch

    I tried ordering Dutch Shoultz's information. His ordering system rejected two different credit cards, even though the purchase information was carefully entered. Any advice on what to do to successfully complete an order, or should I just use snail mail?
  18. kansas_volunteer

    Indian trade rifle

    Im learnin' up on Indian trade rifles, not the Leman sort, which has been done about a zillion times, but something more along the line of a Derringer or other "off brand" make. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot online specifically about these. Other than Lancaster style stock what other...
  19. kansas_volunteer

    French pantaloons

    Your thoughts on these. https://www.bleudetravail.com/lbr-99-7t.htm
  20. kansas_volunteer


    Capotes made from fulled blankets are warm, but not entirely wind proof. What might be a PC/HC way of covering a capote to fully block the wind? An overcapote? I can see making a canvas coat like the capote itself to wear over it. Perhaps the overcapote could be ornamented in some way. Hemp...