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  1. kansas_volunteer

    42nd Royal Highland Regiment of Foot Uniforms c. 1757-1765

    "That's interesting. How were they sure the surviving example that they were copying for that was what was worn in North America? That looks quite a bit different than what I've seen described. It almost looks to me like a faded version of what is described. Surprised it is that light...
  2. kansas_volunteer

    42nd Royal Highland Regiment of Foot Uniforms c. 1757-1765

    In the attached pic are two samples of the government sett. The lighter is that of the 42nd coarse kilt as would have been worn by the regiment during its service in North America. The sample was researched and woven at the behest of the senior researcher for the Scottish Tartan Authority. He...
  3. kansas_volunteer

    42nd Royal Highland Regiment of Foot Uniforms c. 1757-1765

    You're focusing on everything but the most important part of a highland regiment's uniform: the kilt. The 42nd wore an early version of the government sett, or black watch. Today the tartan is referred to as that of the 42nd coarse kilt. It is very much lighter in shade than the modern version...
  4. kansas_volunteer

    Short and light

    In my early Army days i carried an 11-pound walnut and steel rifle many miles a day. I never thought of it being too heavy, but your muscles get used to that sort of thing if you do it every day. A flintlock long rifle would weigh less. As for handiness in the brush, you need to remember your...
  5. kansas_volunteer

    Colt revolver in Texas

    For solid history of the revolver's role in Texas and elsewhere read The Great Plains by Walter Prescott Webb.
  6. kansas_volunteer

    How would one go about removing a breech plug

    I didn't know T/C breech plugs were so hard to remove so i just went ahead and did it with what I had. Starting with what some are calling a spanner to fit the breech plug, I clamped the barrel in the wooden jaws of my Workmate, and using a large crescent wrench and a cheater pipe began to work...
  7. kansas_volunteer

    Iron nitrate after stains

    Potassium dichromate is an oxidizer it will cause cherry to darken as if it had long exposure to light and air. It is not a stain but a way to accelerate the aging process. Cherry is photo sensitive and will naturally darken if exposed to daylight. It sorta sun tans. The chemical is just a way...
  8. kansas_volunteer

    Bolt hole depth

    You can find formulas online for calculating the bursting strength of a tube of certain diameters and bore size. They will give you a wall thickness. Treat the barrel as a round tube.
  9. kansas_volunteer

    Iron nitrate after stains

    Potassium dichromate will darken cherry without any other treatment. It has quite a few industrial applications, however it is also considered potentially carcinogenic so it must be handled with care. I have a small quantity i secure to prevent unintentional use by anyone else. I use mask and...
  10. kansas_volunteer

    1832 Original Hawken light mountain rifle. Opinions welcome please!

    If you haven't already seen the newsletters here http://aolrc.com/newsletters Read all of them and pay attention to the pictures and make notes. It will help you determine who exactly made the rifle.
  11. kansas_volunteer

    Taste Test of Actual Civil War Hardtack Baked in 1863 for the War

    I made some once. It came out thicker than the one in the video. I could not bite off a bit as the video guy did. Thinner is probably better. Mine really were like floor tiles. I drpped one to see if it would break. It was like dropping a rock on the hardwood floor. I could never soak them...
  12. kansas_volunteer

    1832 Original Hawken light mountain rifle. Opinions welcome please!

    Does the rifle in question have a bolt holding the lock in place, or only those odd clips? When and why would the Hawkens have used clips? The holes bored through the barrel to hold things in place was "invented" by an Ohio gunsmith (see AOLRC newsletters) i doubt he was the first, but it is...
  13. kansas_volunteer

    1832 Original Hawken light mountain rifle. Opinions welcome please!

    I have three books on Ohio rifles and have read all the Association of Ohio Longrifle Collecters newsletters online. There are a great many examples of guns that look very much like yours, and all Ohio made. You may not find pics of guns that exactly match yours but you will see the Ohio family...
  14. kansas_volunteer

    How to make the stock look old.

    I recall reading a great many years ago about a military rifle being restored. There were two crescent shaped gouges along the underside of the butt. The restorer wondered what caused them and decided to make a cast of them. The cast clearly showed the indentations were of someone's two front...
  15. kansas_volunteer

    Cheap example/pattern for frock

    As you want to make a frock and not a capote i like your bathrobe idea. Your plan seems like it would be more rewarding than buying a paper pattern, just more satisfying. My bathrobe is one size fits all it could easly accomdate a 60-inch waist. You might want to start with a womans robe. I...
  16. kansas_volunteer

    Why This Wood and Not That on 18th Century Rifles

    Fajen offered Sycamore stocks for modern rifles when the buyer wanted a lighter weight stock. Properly sawn it has a very lacey appearance I like.
  17. kansas_volunteer

    Walking stick glue

    Only indirectly ML related, but I have a very old walking stick that needs some glue. It is black thorn, and there is a silver plate with my GG granfater's name engraved. The plate was atttached where the palm of a hand would rest. That plate has come off. There was clearly some sort of glue...
  18. kansas_volunteer

    1832 Original Hawken light mountain rifle. Opinions welcome please!

    Everything about the gun shouts OHIO! To me. Of course Ohio style rifles were made in the St Louis area in the Hawken days. So there is a very slight chance it may be Hawken made. All the traits listed were not exclusive to the Hawkens, but used by many. I wouldn't pay a premium price for it on...
  19. kansas_volunteer

    WANTED Lyman 57sml peep sight

    If I can find it I have one NIB I'd sell you. Let me look for it. I also have a globe front sight to go with it, which I do know where it is. Keep you ad up as it may take me a while to find the sight. I have lots of smaller gun items in storage.