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  1. Roundball2319

    Ball size in smooth bores

    Good day to all. I hope everyone is well. Question for you all that shoot round ball out of a smooth bore. When shooting bare ball with cards how tight do you like the fit of the ball to the barrel? What do you find gets the best accuracy?
  2. Roundball2319

    24 gauge smooth bore

    Hello all. I am looking for pictures and details on people's 24 gauge octagon to round barreled shotguns or smooth rifles. I have a tapered barrel I would like to build into a shooter.
  3. Roundball2319

    Looking for builders

    I am looking for builders or someone who has built a gun from scratch in Colorado or New Mexico. I live in Durango Colorado. Someone that could possibly guide me through the process. Thanks.
  4. Roundball2319

    Help I.D. this smooth bore barrel

    Good day to you all. I need help identifying this barrel and lock. What are your thoughts. I bought it to attempt my first build.
  5. Roundball2319

    Pitted barrels and shooting

    Good day to you all. I just picked up my first smoothly barrel. It's a t/c .56 cal barrel. It has a fair amount of pitting but no really big rusted out areas. Any hard earned advice or ideas on moving forward or on loads. I'm hoping it's still going to be a shooter and that I can get it to shoot...
  6. Roundball2319

    CLOSED T\C 54 caliber barrel

    Good day every one. I'm looking for a t/c 54 caliber percussion barrel
  7. Roundball2319

    On this Veterans Day

    To all Veterans, Thank you for your service and your sacrifices. Freedom does not come cheap and I thank you for it. Like this forum keeping alive traditions. Service for and those that supported the causes of right and wrong, and all other freedoms have a lond history here and a long future...
  8. Roundball2319

    Cap favorite

    Just wondering if any one has a favorite cap brand and why? Or if anyone has tested multiple brands and found one better then the rest. I have only used cci caps.
  9. Roundball2319

    To all members in the forum

    I have been reading in all the different categories for sometime now. Soaking in all the shared stories and knowledge. I find this like a great book that your read over and over. Gleaming something new each time. The greatest thing about it though is that I can ask questions and receive answers...
  10. Roundball2319


    Good day to you all. I have a friend who will sale me her Cabelas hawken carbine. If i didn't know better i would of said it was brand new and never fired but i know she worked up a load for it one season. since then its been a safe queen. She prefers the single trigger on her t/c new englander...