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  1. okawbow


    I have shot some old, Navy surplus cannon black powder in 10ga., 12ga, and .69 and .75 caliber muskets. The shotguns had 30” barrels. The muskets 46”. This powder is really coarse. It’s at least 1f and maybe coarser. I killed turkeys at 40 yards with both full choked shotguns using 3 dram and 3...
  2. okawbow

    Numrich 45 cal Swivel Breech Rifle

    I got one in pieces without the lock, a week ago,but it came with an L&R back action lock. I cut out the old lock inlet and replaced the wood with matching walnut. I had to cut off some of the lock plate to get the hammer in the right place. I also had to file the trigger so the new sear had...
  3. okawbow

    Bear oil

    I rendered out 2 quarts of pure, clear bear oil, using a crock pot cooker. I use it for my hunting lube. A little goes a long way. Stays liquid down to freezing temperatures. Turns to grease at lower temps. Works well for any light oil lube job. Makes the best shortening for pies and cookies...
  4. okawbow

    Max recommended load for 12g Colerain?

    My turkey flintlock is 12 ga, with a 30” barrel, full choke. I‘ve killed gobblers at 40 yards with #6 shot, 90 grains 2F, and a hundred grain measure of shot. I use 2 - 1/8” hard card wads over powder, and 1 more over shot.
  5. okawbow

    Cut off breach and re-thread?

    Plug the vent and pour in a few ounces of light oil and let stand a while. If the oil leaks, the plug should be removed,(counter clockwise from the back) and the threads and fit checked.
  6. okawbow

    My best black powder buck to date

    Great MS buck! I like the .45 for deer also.
  7. okawbow

    First buck with the rocklock

    Great buck and shot!
  8. okawbow

    Great Great Grandads rifle makes meat.

    Thanks, everyone, for the comments and Likes. I built this rifle to be a family heirloom, since I can’t get the original back. I will pass this on to a Nephew with a bag and horn. I wanted to give the gun a little family history, and this hunt did that. I’m sure that in a couple generations...
  9. okawbow

    Great Great Grandads rifle makes meat.

    Here you go. The fore end cap is brass sheet riveted on, as is the original rifle.
  10. okawbow

    Youre favorite time of day to deer hunt?

    I‘ve shot all my best bucks in the morning. Most were mid to late morning. i guess it depends a lot on where you hunt. I hunt thick, brushy woods where the deer go after feeding at night.
  11. okawbow

    Great Great Grandads rifle makes meat.

    Well, a copy of his rifle... A couple years ago, I made as close a copy of GGGrandads rifle I could using pictures. I believe his rifle was made in Illinois about 1850. There was no name on it except Leman on the lock plate. I used an original Leman percussion lock and original Leman butt plate...
  12. okawbow

    Flintlock Long Rifle setup

    I would suggest that a flintlock hunting rifle works best with a simple single trigger. If the gun is built correctly, the trigger pull will be crisp and light. Set triggers only complicate things while hunting. Consider looking at the Kibler colonial rifle kits.
  13. okawbow

    Of Those Who Hunt

    You are just arguing semantics. There are multiple methods of hunting. Some of them require movement others don’t. I suspect you are not a hunter at all.
  14. okawbow

    Of Those Who Hunt

    Rudall, I really don’t think you understand. I have to drive 110 miles one way to hunt my 10 acre woods. If all I did was walk around stalking deer, the only thing I would see is the game running off onto the neighbors property. I have to sit around and wait for the game to come to me. It’s...
  15. okawbow

    Flintlock barrel

    Not that I would recommend DOM for a gun barrel, but nearly all gun barrels made before 1850 or so, were basically a tube made by forge welding a flat piece of iron strip around a mandrel. There is no way those barrels were as strong as DOM of the same thickness. Many barrels failed, and it was...
  16. okawbow

    Dont forget your powder.

    That‘s what patch boxes are good for. I always kept two balls, patches and powder, plus an extra flint, in the patch box. Never used more than two shots any way for deer.
  17. okawbow

    Cannon ball skip??

  18. okawbow

    The decline of .45 caliber ML single shot pistols and rifles....

    There are an almost unlimited variety of calibers available if you look for them. You certainly don’t have to take what is offered by the commercial makers. There are thousands of used 45 caliber muzzleloaders for sale at any time. I have a .45 double rifle for sale in the classifieds right...