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  1. TreeMan

    FOR SALE Lyman Signature Series Great Plains by Pedersoli

    I might regret this but I’m gonna let this rifle go. It’s a beautiful rifle but it’s way too heavy for what I want to use it for with an old shoulder injury. 10+ pounds. This is a new Lyman Great Plains Signature Series by Pedersoli I bought a few months ago. 54 caliber with 1/66 twist. I’ve...
  2. TreeMan

    SOLD William Parker pistol

    Long discontinued Traditions William Parker 50cal pistol. This one has seen some use. Some discoloration on the polished barrel and lock. Some light roughness on exterior of muzzle. Bore is bright and shiny. Original walnut stock finish has been nicely removed and oil refinished. Small crack...
  3. TreeMan

    Military rifles minie vs round ball.

    I’ve had a half dozen different military rifle replicas over the years. Enfields, remingtons, and Springfields. I’ve had a few that shot pretty well with minies with low powder charges. To me low powder charges of 40 gr or less are only good for punching paper. On the other hand I’ve had...
  4. TreeMan

    SOLD 1863 Remington “Zouave” Euroarms

    58 caliber Euroarms 1863 Remington Zouave rifle. Immaculate bore and walnut stock. There are a few handling marks on the exterior of barrel. No rust anywhere and never has been. Lock works as it should. Over the years between sighting in and hunting this rifle has less than 50 rounds through it...
  5. TreeMan

    New to me Parker Hale musketoon.

    Got this from the UPS guy today. I assume this is an early year by the serial number (year I was born too!). Has a few handling marks but the bore looks bright shiny and new. Missing the front sling swivel so I ordered one from S&S along with a repro sling. It looks dirty because I just test...
  6. TreeMan

    Mortimer shotgun???

    Found this ol girl in a pawnshop a while back for $50. Someone made it a wall hanger by giving it a good coat of black primer paint. For $50 I brought it home with an ambition to bring it back to life. Seems something is going on with the barrels because inside the bores is what appears to be a...
  7. TreeMan

    SOLD Uberti Remington Navy .36

    First off I’ll admit that the winter weather has had me doing some spontaneous online shopping. A month ago I ordered this Uberti Remington Navy 36 from Dixie. I got it in a few days ago and worked up a decent load for it. 10 grains of 3F Goex topped with 20 grains of cream of wheat gave the...
  8. TreeMan

    Range Backstop/lead recovery/bullet trap

    Here is a pic of my range off of my front porch. 50 yards is on up in the woods. I use those stick in the ground election sights to hang targets from at 25 and 50 yards. I was thinking about building some sort of box to hang targets off of that will catch the roundballs and minies. Thought about...
  9. TreeMan

    SOLD Uberti 1860 Colt

    Here is an cimmeron firearms Uberti 1860 Colt clone 44 caliber. It belonged to a friend of mine who had it antiqued and a trigger job done by someone. He never fired it before I acquired it. I shot a couple cylinders out of it, cleaned it and put it away. It’s time to go so I can buy other toys...
  10. TreeMan

    SOLD Crockett rifle and pistol combo.

    I have both a .32 cal Crockett rifle and pistol I bought 15-20 years ago. Both have been defarbed of all markings and the barrels browned with LMF. I redid the rifles browning a year or so ago so it is really nice. The pistol barrel browning is a bit thin and a splotchy. It needs to be browned...
  11. TreeMan

    Which T/C rifle is this?

    My dad purchased this rifle new sometime I guess in the 1980s. He said the factory 45 barrel didn’t shoot to his liking so he got a Smith to replace it. He at first told me a Douglas barrel, then years later he said he couldn’t remember if it was a Douglas or a green mountain. The barrel maker...
  12. TreeMan

    Hawken Pronunciation/spelling fun!

    I have to release some of my OCD this afternoon. It is a Hawken rifle. It is not a Hawkin, Hawkins, or Hawkens. I’m curious if the word Hawken is used the same as the word deer? There is a deer in my yard. There are ten deer in my yard. Saying “There are ten deers in my yard” is just wrong...
  13. TreeMan

    Lyman Great Plains signature series (Pedersoli).

    I just unboxed this new flintlock pedersoli GPR rifle from Midsouth Shooters supply this morning ($782) First off I will say that I also have a percussion investarms made Great Plains I purchased new last year for comparison. Upon inspecting this new flintlock signature series GPR all I can say...
  14. TreeMan

    Rusty repro

    My daughters boyfriend picked up this rusty hunk of metal for $15 today. He sent me some pics and has me a bit baffled. Is this a brass frame walker? The Italian proof mark shows it made in 1979. Who made it is a mystery by looking at the markings. I don’t recognize any maker marks I’m familiar...
  15. TreeMan

    SOLD Pedersoli Mortimer flintlock 12ga Barrel

    I have an older (1989?) production Pedersoli Mortimer that had a .54 barrel and a 12 ga barrel. I don’t use the shotgun barrel anymore. This barrel has a pristine shiny chrome lined bore. The touch hole liner screw slot is buggered. It was like that when I got it and I never attempted to remove...
  16. TreeMan

    SOLD 1803 Harpers Ferry Lock

    Nicely used 1803 Harpers Ferry lock made by the Rifle Shoppe. Functions right and throws good sparks. $110 includes shipping inside the US. I accept PayPal friends and Family (no fees) or a postal money order.
  17. TreeMan

    Bare Ball Size

    I’m gonna order a mold to make some round balls to try in my 20ga/62 Pedersoli Indian trade gun. My cheap Mic shows a bore anywhere between .618-.622 depending how on I hold my mouth and the pressure I put on the mic when measuring. What size do y’all suggest for shooting bare balls? .610? .600?
  18. TreeMan

    Brass tacks and other bling

    I’d see to see some pics of some Yalls smoothies or rifles decorated in tacks and/or faux wrist repairs and so on. Leather or brass. Kinda wondering what a Native American owned trade gun may have looked like with their personal touches added.
  19. TreeMan

    Different lubes different results.

    I have a Rifle Shoppe Harpers ferry I shoot in matches. I just got it a few months ago from a seller here. For 20 years I’ve always used the Dutch Dry lube method and wipe between shots. The Harpers Ferry didn’t disappoint as I’ve won several matches using 80gr 2F Goex, .018 7/1 balistol/water...
  20. TreeMan

    Shotgun patterns low

    I have a Pedersoli Mortimer shotgun. I have my load perfected and get really good patterns. The problem is that if I hold a sight picture (head down on the stock and only see the bead) that I’m used to with modern shotguns my patterns are 1.5 ft low at 25 yards. I’ve read mention of “heads up”...