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  1. JBeardNC

    SOLD Pietta 1858 Sheriff w/ accessories

    2014 Pietta 1858 Remington New Model Army "Sheriff's model" steel frame .44 caliber in good used condition. Only negative is a few corrosion spots in the barrel (see photo), but would clean up with fire lapping. Lock up is tight with no play in the cylinder. Grip screw could use some dressing...
  2. JBeardNC

    SOLD Philadelphia Derringer $115shipped

    This is an old Philadelphia Derringer that I've experimented on with different finishes for years. It's a Jukar or CVA kit gun I think. The stock was busted and pieced back together. It's complete, but the lock is disassembled. I just couldn't get the coil spring compressed enough. It was...
  3. JBeardNC

    SOLD .50 CVA St. Louis Hawken

    Older .50 caliber CVA St. Louis Hawken, 1-66" twist, barrel marked Made in Spain. Delrin ramrod, short starter and a bag of ox yoke .50 wad included. Beech stock is evenly stained. Brass on buttplate has been blackened Breech tang is a little buggered where I tried removing it in my youth. Clean...
  4. JBeardNC

    Muzzle of shotgun question

    I'm refinishing a CVA double barrel 12 gauge and I had to clean up the muzzles with a file.There were still a lot of machining marks on them. It left the crowns with very sharp edges. Does a thin shotgun barrel need a crown at the muzzle or should I just radius the edges over? Unrelated, but I...
  5. JBeardNC

    SOLD Value on LH Cabela's Hawken with spare barrel and Lyman sights

    Hi all, sorry if this is the wrong place for this post. I've got an Investarms Cabelas Hawken rifle in .50 cal, with a 1-48" twist barrel, a spare 1-32"? Twist barrel (from Numrich Gunparts), 57 sml Lyman sights front and rear, and sling swivels. The shorter fast twist barrel looks like it needs...
  6. JBeardNC

    New guy from Western N.C.

    Hey everyone, my name is Justin and I'm from the western NC area. I love percussion rifles and cap and ball revolvers. I got recommended here by the muzzle loading page on Facebook. Hoping maybe to meet some locals to get up with and do some shooting, and maybe some bartering. Hope everyone is...