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    New Muzzle loader

    plains about $120 more,double triger and longer barrel
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    New Muzzle loader

    I am looking into getting a new front loader . I am leaning between the lyman trade rifle and the The Investarm™ Gemmer Hawken Rifle[ seems to be the same as lyman gpr}. both in 50 cailber. Anything about one over the other ,pros and cons.
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    Dry balled my ML

    has anyone used the co2 discharger getting out a 58 caliber mini ball. did it work ok.
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    Range Rod

    here is the link . http://www.trackofthewolf.com/Categories/PartDetail.aspx/566/-3608/RAMROD-C-44-10
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    Range Rod

    is this range rod strong enough to pull 58 caliber patched round ball or would one with a t handle be better? http://www.trackofthewolf.com/Categories/PartDetail.aspx/566...
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    Range/ Ram/ Cleaning Rod

    is the one from track of the wolf strong enough to pull minie's and patched balls from the barrel.
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    Range/ Ram/ Cleaning Rod

    are the one piece better than 3 piece??
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    Range/ Ram/ Cleaning Rod

    i am looking for a range/cleaning/ram rod to use with a reprodution 1862 richmond 58 caliber.i am looking at two differant models.would like some input. http://www.trackofthewolf.com/Categories/PartDetail.aspx/566/1/RAMROD-C-44-10...
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    Rifle Kit

    i have built a few black powder pistols from kits. i am thinking about doing a rifle kit. i would like something in maybe 50 cal. would use for shooting and some hunting. can anyone suggest a good model and brand for around $500?
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    1862 58 Cal. Richmond Reproduction

    i have a 58 caliber 1862 richmond reproduction that i take out at times. it is a pain to find the minie balls in this area. can you shoot a patched ball in this with any accuracy. if so what size ball and patch do you suggest. also what powder charge, i have been using pyrodex with the minie...