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  1. FatBack

    Food grade wax

    I shoot cap and ball. Recently, I was eating some "baby bell" cheese. They are small, cheese wheels, wrapped in wax. I started saving the wax. Very soft wax and malleable with your fingers. Seems to me, good to use for a between the powder and ball, or over the cylinder seal. Anyone else use...
  2. FatBack

    Pre firing cleaning

    I once had a chainfire with an 1858. I suspect it was from the nipple end, ball had crisco over each one. I had used a WD40 like product called "Rusty Duck" for storage and neglected to wipe it down well, before loading (granted, it was not saturated and had set for months, after application)...
  3. FatBack

    Hoppe's Number 9

    I tried a search, no results. I shoot cap and ball, always used it. Seems to work good. Anyone else use it? Should I not? If so, why and what should I? After cleaning, i use air tool oil. I dont often shoot it. Any advice and input, is appreciated.
  4. FatBack

    Made new friends

    Made new friends A mutual friend introduced me to a guy whose house he rode me out to, to dig out a fish tank stand from the overgrowth. Anyhow, he and his wife are retired and live right on the river about 2 miles in off a series of dirt roads, all the houses are on stilts as it floods the...
  5. FatBack

    CVA Spain Hawken 50

    So i got a deal on one (traded a beat up Colt navy Pietta) Made him the offer over a year ago. He came to my door with it today, looking to swap. Made sure he understood the Hawken was probably a hundred $ more valuable. He was fine with that. Plus gave him 200 caps and about 30 cast ball and...
  6. FatBack

    Hello from SW Fl.

    Hello. Been into MZloading about 5 years now. Got some questions, hope you guys can help, but that's for my first thread. Just saying hello.