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    SOLD 54cal TVM Late Lancaster Flintlock with Curly Maple Stock

    This is a beautiful Tennessee Valley Muzzleloader from about six years ago. It has been used very little and is in virtually new condition. It’s a Late Lancaster model, flintlock in 54cal with a 36” barrel and brass furniture. It has the deluxe curly maple upgrade. (I hope it comes out well...
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    SOLD Deluxe Maple TVM Late Lancaster in .54

    This is a beautiful Tennessee Valley Muzzleloader that I had built about ten years ago and have used less than I should have. I’m now ensconced in a suburban condo and don’t have any time to shoot. No wall space to display it so I’m letting it go. It’s a Late Lancaster model in 54cal with a...
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    SOLD Traditions 50cal Kentucky Flintlock Pistol

    Hi all, This is a kit for a 50cal Traditions flintlock Kentucky pistol. I bought it new a few years ago and just never got around to assembling it. Now I'm cleaning out the basement, so I'm ready for it to go. It's fully complete and in the original packaging. I never started on it. I'm...
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    Looking for someone to finish up a project for me.

    Alright guys, so no making jokes at my expense. But I've gotten in over my head with a building project. I don't know that I'm in over my head in terms of my skills, but way over my head in terms of time. I picked up a kit over the summer to be a fun project. Bottom line is I've been slammed...
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    Swiss vs. Goex

    I'm sure this has been covered. But (surprizingly) I couldn't find anything when I did a search, so I figured I'd ask it here. Am I likely to see any improvement in accuracy, velocity or anything else if I switch from Goex to Swiss? (I'm shooting 80g of fffg with a 54-cal PRB.) I'm about to...
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    When to Brown Parts

    I have a kit for a Tennessee rifle that I'm picking away at. I'd be curious to get feedback as to when I should brown the metal parts. I've done the lock, sideplate, trigger guard, and trigger. But I haven't decided whether I should finish the barrel yet. I haven't done the butt plate yet as...
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    TVM Wood Grades

    Does anyone have any information or pictures about the different grades of wood offered by TVM (Matt Avance)? I'm looking to build a Tennessee rifle with steel furniture. I'd like it to have nice wood with some good curl, but don't need it to be super great. Trying to get a sense of what...
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    Sight options

    I have a question about sights. I have a TVM Late Pennsylvania rifle. It's a cap lock, so I'm assuming it's period correct for the first half of the 19th century. I took it hunting for the first time this season. While I love the rifle I found myself wholy unimpressed with the sights. It...
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    What constitutes good groups.

    This is kind of an informal poll. I'm working on trying to get my two muzzleloaders set up and dialed in. Both are 54-cal shooting PRB, one a flinter the other percussion. Both have traditional open sights. I'm curious to hear what others consider good groups off a solid bench at 50, 75 and...
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    Overpowder wads for 54-cal

    I didn't want to hijack Kirrmeister's thread, so thought I would start a new one here. I'm interested in playing with overpowder wads for my 54-cal percussion to see if I can tighten groups up a bit. I'm curious to hear more about what others are using. I looked at Track's site and found...
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    How soon is too soon to reaload your gun?

    I was at the range this morning. Being the kind of absent-minded guy that I am I had forgotten to bring my cleaning jag. (I have a "don't ferget" list of stuff to bring. But being absent minded I can never seem to find it.) So I decided I would just see how many shots I could put down my...
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    Which Replica Powder Best?

    Ok, so I know this will be controversial. But I'm wondering if anyone can offer advice about the best replica powder to try? I shoot Goex in both of my MLs. But I know it can be hard to come by. I have to mail order it here in VT (and suck up the hazmat fee). And if I fly out west to hunt I...
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    Finally took pics of my new TVM

    I'm pleased with the wood on it. And it shoots great. Ben
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    Likin' ffg, should I try fffg?

    I have two muzzleloaders at this point, a GPR flinter and a TVM Late Lancaster percussion, both 54 cals. I've always just used ffg in the flinter, so that's what I've been using in the TVM percussion. And in truth it's shooting fine. I'm pretty happy with the loads in fact. But I've never...
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    Outfitters for Traditional Muzzleloading?

    Is there any kind of list of outfitters who cater to traditional muzzleloading? I don't want to jump into the traditional vs. in-line argument. But I'm thinking about planning a hunt or two for next year to take my percussion gun. It occurs to me that you can't really just look for an...
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    Max loads for 54 cal. with prb

    I just picked up a 54cal. TVM Lancaster rifle (percussion) and will probably head to the range this weekend. I'm looking for help understanding the max loads for this. I have a Lyman GPR 54 cal flintlock. The Lyman manual listed 120gr of ffg as the max load, and I regularly shoot 110 or 120gr...
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    How often do you unload?

    Hi all, I've hunted with an in-line for a while, but am switching over to a 54-cal percussion which I hope to use for all my muzzleloader hunting from here on out. I'm wondering how often you unload your guns during the hunting season? With an in-line with a 209 primer I never really worried...
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    Experience with Great Plains Hunter?

    I'm curious if anyone here has experience with Lyman's Great Plains Hunter model. I've read much about the GPR, but the GPH (the one with the faster twist to shoot connicals and sabots) doesn't seem to get much attention. I'm looking for a good, accurate rifle strictly for hunting. They seem...
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    First Shot Misfire

    I've been having this same problem every time I take my gun to the range. Hoping you folks might have some suggestions. Every time I go to the range my first shot is a misfire. The priming charge goes off, but it's a classic "flash in the pan." This typically continues to happen until I...
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    What Range do you Sight in for?

    I've been fiddling with my 54 cal. Lyman GPR flintlock. I'm shooting a patched .535 ball over 110gr of FFg. The gun seems to like this load and shoots under 2" groups at 50 yards. (Might do better if my eyes were more up to looking through open sights.) Right now it's set right on for 50...